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Carbohydrate Revolution

As a highly experienced endurance athlete and sports physiologist, I have been intrigued by the recent discussion surrounding the “Carbohydrate Revolution” sweeping the pro peloton. Just kidding.  I don’t know much about anything, certainly not endurance, physiology or the pro peloton.  That said, as one of the owners of a carbohydrate company, and an infrequent rider of

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King Challenge

UnTapped co-founder Ted King rides his bike a lot. But one day, one ride, one event stands above the rest. Here, Ted explains his favorite ride of the year. For the past thirteen years, when you flip my calendar to October, the third Saturday of the month has a big circle around it. That day

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Kikkan’s Nordic Marathon Tips

Hello, and welcome to winter! If you’re a snow enthusiast like me, the winter brings a chance to spend time outside, gliding on the snow, enjoying the crisp winter air, and the opportunity to challenge your body and mind in the full-body sport of cross-country skiing. A highlight for many skiers during the season is

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cyclist climbs gravel hill

Ted’s Tips on Riding Through the Heat

Hydration pack or no hydration pack, that is the question. That’s a very common question ahead of gravel races, as are those revolving around aerobars and tire pressure. UnTapped co-founder and gravel racer Ted King here and I’d like to have a chat on the first of these topics; namely, how to work through the

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Packing in Preparation for a Gravel Ride

So you’ve got your hands on a gravel bike and a friend convinced you that you should join them on a gravel ride — or maybe even a race. Given the booming popularity of gravel cycling, this scenario is happening all the more often. What isn’t necessarily happening is that friend giving you the tips

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