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Kidney Donor Athletes Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

March 10, 2022 marked World Kidney Day and the day when a group of 20 kidney donors reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa’s tallest peak (19,341 feet). Each participant had their own donation story, but this hike signified the common goal of sharing the message that it is possible to thrive and

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Spring Running

Winter is saying its goodbyes and the transition to spring brings about countless things worth smiling about. Longer daylight hours, warmer temperatures and of course for maple lovers it’s the time when the sap runs.  No matter where you are in your running career, spring can be a great time to lay the groundwork for

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The 2022 Gravel Season is On

It’s fitting that the gravel cycling event, MidSouth, is geographically smack in the middle of the country in Stillwater, Oklahoma. This event is the unofficial start of the gravel cycling season and it is like an enormous central magnet pulling riders from every direction throughout the country to meet, compete, and have a fun time

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Katharine Ogden skis

A Nordic Skiing Q’n’A

Temperatures this week in the northeast have only briefly moved out of the single digits and a blizzard is in the recent rearview mirror. That means we’re in the heart of the outdoor winter season, which is also prime nordic ski season. We’re lucky to have a cadre of professional xc-skiers in our midst at

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cyclist sprinting

Covid-19: Cycling Training & Motivation with Gaby Traxler

Picture this: you’re a professional athlete at the start of the season, your fitness is peaking, you’re itching for competition and ready to go! And then a global pandemic strikes, so what do you do?  We’re excited to have kicked-off a relationship with Instafund La Prima this year, a UCI Continental Professional Women’s Cycling team

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Trail Runner

Trevor Fuchs: Professional Chef Turned Professional Runner

The rumors are true. I was a vegan chef and for a time, a pastry chef at a fun restaurant in Salt Lake City” explains Utah resident Trevor Fuchs. The perpetually upbeat Fuchs isn’t just accomplished in the kitchen, but also chalks up the wins in ultra marathons. Most notably in what is an very

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Heidi Caldwell is Speeding into the Olympic Trials

Heidi Caldwell comes from a family of Olympic cross-country skiers, but this Vermont native struck out on her own athletically, excelling at track in high school and then at Brown University. Now embracing her role of Running Director at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center, Heidi is headed to Atlanta this weekend for the marathon Olympic trials.

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Trevor Fuchs Ultra Season is Off and Running!

tah native and UnTapped athlete Trevor Fuchs recently competed in Hawaii for the HURT100, a grueling 100 mile ultra running race outside of Honolulu, Hawaii. And by “competed”, we mean Trevor won! With a winning time of just a hair over 22 hours, he navigated the treacherous course faster than the 125 others to toe

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UnTapped Professional Skeleton Athlete, Austin Florian

What do you know about the sport of skeleton? You probably are aware that it’s extremely fast, we think of it as the face-first adventure on ice, but that likely taxes your general knowledge on the skeleton. Let’s take a moment to change that by catching up with US National Team member, 2022 Olympic hopeful,

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