An UnTapped Overview

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Read more about the benefits of maple.

Maple syrup and maple sugar are the only sugars we use in UnTapped. Maple syrup and maple sugar are tremendously high quality, are nutritionally powerful, and offer a rich, hearty taste too. Our competition will often use at least one and often more inexpensive, bulk carbohydrates, then use a small token of a higher quality sugar and boast the latter sugar.

We only use pure maple syrup and pure maple sugar to sweeten our waffles. We also never use synthetic or “natural flavors” to give our waffles a boost in flavor; we use real food ingredients only, which deliver their superior taste. Real coffee, real cocoa, real chai spices, real lemon, real raspberries. Using only the real thing is at the core of UnTapped’s ethos.

We do our best to make sure that your UnTapped is packed with care so that it arrives to you safe-and-sound. Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver every package with the care that we think it deserves. Small package transit can occasionally be rough. If your package is damaged in transit please send an email to hello@untapped.cc, with a picture of the damage attached. We will do our best to get replacements sent as quickly as possible. 

Our complete line of waffles are certified Kosher. Currently the UnTapped (“Gels”) and Mapleaid are not certified Kosher.

Our UnTapped’s (“Gels”) and Mapleaid hydration lines are gluten-free. The waffles are currently not gluten-free. We are working on a gluten-free line of waffles. Stay tuned as we plan to have these new waffles available in the first half of 2022.