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Welcome to the UnTapped Education Center. We appreciate your excitement to learn more about how to sell our real food nutrition to your customers. The videos you watch will outline the information we feel is pertinent to know when crafting your UnTapped sales pitch. From brand history to the ins and outs of each current product line, we hope you finish watching these overviews armed with greater product knowledge than you came with. If questions still remain please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Frequently Asked Questions

We are always available to answer your questions via phone or email, but please also read below to see if your question is answered here. We have broken down these FAQ’s into two categories. One category will address questions about UnTapped that you may receive from customers, and the other will cover questions that you, personally, may have about UnTapped.

Consumer Questions

Yes! As a baseline Maple Syrup has naturally occurring potassium so all UnTapped “Gels” have at least 82mg of potassium. Beyond that we offer a line of salted gels (Salted Raspberry – 60mg, Salted Cocoa – 60mg, Salted Citrus – 100mg) using sea salt as the electrolyte source.

Have no fear! Maple syrup is easy to digest due to its water solubility. The 26g of easy-to-digest carbohydrates will keep you fueled on all adventures.

Compared to traditional athletic fuel products, the nutritional breakdown of UnTapped products is quite similar. As such, we recommend use in accordance with the long-held standards of 1 packet 15-20 minutes before exercise, then 1 every 45 subsequent minutes. These intake recommendations can vary by specific users’ needs. The big difference a user will find is the fast action (due to water-solubility) and long burn of the energy (low-glycemic nature) provided by maple syrup. A more in-depth analysis can be found in our fueling guide.

Retail Questions

In recent years there has been a shift to athletes looking to fuel with more natural carbohydrate sources. Maple syrup is a tasty all-natural alternative to traditional carbohydrate sources that often cause GI distress. The water-solubility of maple syrup makes it so easy on your stomach, while also making it possible for the carbohydrates to absorb quickly.

Anyone who uses athletic nutrition to fuel during their adventures. A common clientele of UnTapped are endurance athletes who use fuel regularly during their training, however UnTapped is intended to be used by anyone looking for sustainable fuel while exercising.

UnTapped has a small team ready to respond to your wholesale inquiries quickly and efficiently. We also offer Retail Marketing Support which is an opportunity to work together with an UnTapped incentive (product samples for events, capital to use towards advertising, etc.) commiserate with the amount ordered in the prior calendar year.

The standard pricing structure for UnTapped products (wholesale price to SRP) builds in ~40% margin. Additional margin can be achieved by reaching quantity discount levels to decrease the wholesale price of UnTapped.

Yes. All direct orders with UnTapped are eligible for our standard quantity discounts. When paying on credit card terms these discounts are 2% over $500, 7% over $1000, and 12% over $2000. When paying by check on Net 30 terms these discounts are 5% over $500, 10% over $1000, and 15% over $2000. Occasionally other promotional discounts are offered throughout the year, but are not guaranteed.

All UnTapped products are guaranteed until their best-by date, and will be replaced or credited by UnTapped if they do not sell before their expiration (within reason). Please reach out with specific questions if you are concerned your product will not sell before its best-by date.

Great question! UnTapped gels are a great option before, during, and after a workout for a quick efficient carb source to replenish what is depleted during exercise. Our waffles are a great option before and after exercising, as they take a bit more chewing, or during a snack break!

At UnTapped we do not have order minimums. Our free shipping threshold is $175. Below that we charge $8 flat-rate shipping.