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Allergen Information

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Allergen Information

As part of our limited ingredient ethos here at UnTapped, we strive to make our products as accessible as possible for as many people as possible. So much food today is complex and processed to make the making of it easy. From our roots nothing about our products is easy – maple syrup is incredibly labor intensive. This complexity increases the likelihood that allergens are present in the food. Our simplicity helps to keep as many of them out as possible. See our allergen information below and as always don’t hesitate to reach out with specific questions.

All of our finished, packaged products share a warehouse space. This does not pose any risk of cross contamination.

Key to the chart:

C – Contains. The specified allergen is an ingredient

MC – May contain. The product is processed in proximity to the allergen.

SE – Shared equipment. The product is processed on shared equipment but not at similar times or locations as the allergen.

SF – Shared facility. The product is processed in the same facility as the allergen.

*Ginger Mapleaid powder single serve shares a facility with sesame. All other types and formats of Mapleaid do not.