New Mapleaid Hydration Varieties

Just in time for warmer days ahead, UnTapped all natural athletic fuel company releases two new varieties of their Mapleaid drink mix. Lime and Maple are the newest additions to their organic limited ingredient hydration line, with 80 calories and 250 mg of sodium per serving.  Lime Mapleaid contains lime juice, maple syrup and sea salt creating a refreshingly tart hydration solution. Pure Mapleaid is composed of Vermont maple syrup and sea salt, promoting hydration through its distinctly delicious taste and natural electrolyte balance. 

Lime and Maple Mapleaid are released just in time for The Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California here at the end of April.  Co-founder Ted King will be competing at Sea Otter alongside UnTapped athletes Emily Joy Newsom and Ian Boswell.

“The newest Mapleaids are so dang tasty! Lime has an invigorating zip and Maple is simply smooth and delicious. In particular what I love about all UnTapped products is how easy they are to mix and match into a bottle to take extra calories on the go,” says Ted King. “For example, I’ll often put in an extra serving or two in my bottle, so that I’m not having to reach into my pocket for calories and down to my bottle for hydration. I’m getting both from a single sip. It’s easy, it’s efficient, and works exceptionally well in this era of high servings of carbohydrates.”