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Embracing a varied racing schedule

Lila Gaudrault is a Maine runner that has shown her talent and abilities across a variety of distances and terrain.  As two-time state title winner in cross country she decided to forgo her senior year of racing cross country to focus on longer distances.  Now in college, she continues to balance training and academics as she focuses on going

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Summer Nordic Training with Kikkan Randall

In the rearview mirror are the crisp winter days with fresh snow blanketing the ground.  Here in Vermont, the temperatures have increased, the snowpack has melted and everything has turned green. The  memories hold strong of gliding on two narrow skis under your feet, poles in hands over the snow, but now is not necessarily

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First Solo Overnight with Devin Cowens

I’ve been wanting to do a solo bike overnight since 2018 when I started bikepacking but fear has kept me from that. This past May, I had the opportunity to bikepack through a remote area of Spain with 50 other women, leapfrogging each other over the 8 days and camping in various spots. During this

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women running down dirt road

Aliza Lapierre Wins Vermont 100

There’s a common thread here at UnTapped and that’s a desire to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. We’re lucky to have some very speedy colleagues in our midst and Aliza Lapierre isn’t just an UnTapped Maple Fanatic, she’s also one of our longest serving employees. This Vermonter has been at the sport of ultrarunning

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two cyclist ride on dirt road

Sam Noel Prepares for Rooted

Sam Noel is a Vermont cyclist that is talented across all terrain.  As a youngster Sam started with cyclocross at Catamount Family Outdoor Center in Williston as he competed in the weekly race series on his mountain bike.  Within a few years he added in road racing and then added mountain bike racing to the mix.  As

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mountaineer climbs mountain

A Trip Up North America’s Highest Peak

Vermonter Jamie Struck recently teamed up with three others as part of a Denali expedition dubbed 2 Hot 2 Cold. This outdoor educator is one of two Vermonters, while the other two members are Californians, hence the tongue in cheek title up North America’s highest peak. In one of the more entertaining post-trip adventures you’ll

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roger brown with ted king cut out

Unbound with Roger Brown

That was another big day on the bike.  Listen here to my and Ted’s debriefing of my 2021 and 2022 Unbound experiences (or, “learn how you shouldn’t prepare for Unbound”).  But seriously, even I enjoy reliving 17 hours in the saddle while I am not sitting on an actual bike saddle.  And note that the

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cyclist climbs gravel hill

Ted’s Tips on Riding Through the Heat

Hydration pack or no hydration pack, that is the question. That’s a very common question ahead of gravel races, as are those revolving around aerobars and tire pressure. UnTapped co-founder and gravel racer Ted King here and I’d like to have a chat on the first of these topics; namely, how to work through the

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Packing in Preparation for a Gravel Ride

So you’ve got your hands on a gravel bike and a friend convinced you that you should join them on a gravel ride — or maybe even a race. Given the booming popularity of gravel cycling, this scenario is happening all the more often. What isn’t necessarily happening is that friend giving you the tips

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Bikepacking Recipes with Devin Cowens: Part 1

I manage a bikepacking group known as Radical Adventure Riders ATL (RAR ATL); our aim is to create more inclusive spaces in the cycling community by moving toward enhancing gender inclusivity and racial equity in the bicycle and outdoor adventure scene. We especially seek to center the experiences of BIPOC, queer, trans, and nonbinary riders.

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