Doing It All with Matthew Accarrino

chef feeds ted king

It takes a lifetime of dedication in the kitchen to earn a single Michelin star. To earn ten consecutive Michelin stars is something that boggles the mind.

Matthew and Ted, two Maple Fanatics, enjoying a spring ride.

Chef Matthew Accarrino of SPQR in San Francisco has done exactly that, recently notching his tenth star. This is a testament to his hard work and meticulous dedication to fine cuisine. Moreover, Matt is an athlete. Not just a hobby cyclist, he can be found battling it out up and down the Californian cycling scene as well as at gravel events all across the country. Both of these activities, cooking and cycling, require quite a bit of time, so UnTapped co-founder Ted felt lucky when we could sneak in a couple minutes of Matt’s time… immediately before SPQR’s service. The two friends and UnTapped Maple Fanatic caught up on how to weave time consuming activities — and healthy cooking — into a busy life. This is part of the Rooted Vermont 2022 webinar series.

If you’re interested in seeing the delicious recipes Matthew cooks up in this video, click here which will bring you to YouTube, then click “Show More” beneath the video.