What’s in a Waffle

We live by an expression at UnTapped that goes back to our roots. It reads, UnTapped: Keeping it real since 2013.

From our beginning, we’ve been all about real foods. In 2013 we launched the original Maple UnTapped as the single ingredient answer to the goopy energy gels that are loaded with bulk carbohydrates, mineral supplements, and natural flavors. Maple syrup is chock full of amino acids, antioxidants, and key minerals critical for athletic performance, all packed into a low glycemic, delicious, organic product. It’s low viscosity makes it delightfully easy to consume in the hottest or coldest conditions.

In created a caffeinated product we concocted Coffee UnTapped, which is as simple as it sounds: real coffee is infused with real maple syrup for a two ingredient, caffeinated energy pack. 27mg of caffeine comes directly from real coffee. Other hyped up products use caffeine as stand alone ingredient, but we went straight to the real source.

With the same ethos in mind, when it came time to create something that satisfies hunger, we kept it about real ingredients. There’s nothing that compliments a waffle more than maple syrup, so rather than overly complicating it, that’s exactly what we used. There are lots of other waffles out there, there are even other maple flavored waffles out there, but they contain “natural flavors” which are then partnered by additional menial sugars. We kept it simple and wanted it pure. Real maple syrup in the original Maple Waffle, and we were off and running.

Over the years we’ve proudly created the Coffee WaffleRaspberry Waffleand most recently the Chai Waffle. They each taste like the title ingredient because we use only that ingredient for taste. Respectively, real coffee, real raspberries, and an authentic masala spice blend provide a distinct and real taste to each waffle. 

Furthermore, we stick with organic maple syrup and organic maple sugar (which is maple syrup boiled to sugar, containing the same key nutrients) as the only sweetness in our waffles. No gooey sugars, no funny sugars that you wouldn’t put on your real waffle; we only use the real thing.

(And yes, those are real wood shavings that we use for packaging material. Just doing our part to keep it real… since 2013.)