Coffee UnTapped


Real coffee infused into Pure Vermont Maple Syrup. All the amino acids, electrolytes and minerals of pure maple syrup with an added kick of 27mg caffeine* from real coffee. Great for when you need extra energy near the finish or to help wake you up Monday morning.

*Caffeine content may vary naturally

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Love it!

Great fuel. Doesn’t upset the stomach and provides the right amount of energy!
Posted by Felix, Apr 18th 2020

Coffee and Maple packet

What a great mid ride treat and effective for sustained energy! Super easy on your stomach and great peace of mind seeing only 2 ingredients. Great stuff!
Posted by Casey Maguire, Apr 4th 2020

UnTapped Maple Coffee

So I thought at first, coffee infused maple syrup?? the flavor is so good, so coffee like, so smooth, that I was really surprised. Definitely a do-over, again and again. Good electrolytes with great taste.
Posted by Kevin O'Brien, Mar 16th 2020

Coffee maple syrup

Delicious! Interesting chocolatey flavor. No GI issues.
Posted by Lindsay , Mar 16th 2020

Perfect ride fuel!

Had the chance to try these at a recent ride and I'm an instant convert. I wasn't sure about maple but it is amazing. The coffee and maple is a great flavor with a little kick to keep you going. Consistently is much better than gu and flavor is leaps and bounds better that SiS. My new go to fuel with a waffle or two for good measure.
Posted by Beth, Mar 8th 2020

maple syrup with coffee

I truly love this product not only because it's made with maple syrup but it also helps me on long runs later in the day
Posted by Jon Hoyt , Feb 28th 2020


The tastes amazing! Delicious coffee flavor.
Posted by Allison Flynn, Feb 14th 2020

Best Race Fuel

I love this as a race fuel! Gives you a caffeine and energy boost without the GI issues. I use this in all my racing events and sometimes put it on my waffles!
Posted by KS, Feb 7th 2020


I love this coffee maple syrup. It taste so good with yogurt, cream cheese, or just itself. I have this before running and during my marathon race and it gives me energy.
Posted by Kaoru, Dec 14th 2019