Coffee UnTapped


Real coffee infused into Pure Vermont Maple Syrup. All the amino acids, electrolytes and minerals of pure maple syrup with an added kick of 27mg caffeine* from real coffee. Great for when you need extra energy near the finish or to help wake you up Monday morning.

*Caffeine content may vary naturally


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Coffee Untapped

These coffee maples are my go to for basically any hard or long bike or backcountry ski (or race). You can fit quite a few in your jersey pocket and they give you 27mg of caffeine each. Really amazing product. For you heavy sweaters you can meet most of your sodium needs with the Untapped sport drink. The beauty of maple syrup is the lower glycemic index than typical gels (slow burning fuel) and also they have potassium which is something most of the other gel companies don't have (or have minimal amounts of).
Posted by John Spinney, Apr 23rd 2019

Really good!

Simply taste good! I've been hooked on this since I was introduced at a Vermont marathon last year May. I put this in my plain yogurt for breakfast every day and have one when I crave sweet. Of course I take this when running!
Posted by Kaoru Kato, Mar 13th 2019