Maple UnTapped


Here it is. Pure maple syrup. All natural energy. It's ready to go wherever you go.  The perfect alternative to traditional, gooey, sticky, gels. Maple Syrup is water-soluble and has the macronutrients you are looking for in sports nutrition, naturally occurring. No more licking that chemical-laden, peanut butter like substance from the roof of your mouth. 

  • 100 Calories
  • 26g Carbohydrate
  • Naturally Occurring Amino Acids and Antioxidants
  • Low Glycemic
  • Single Ingredient


  • Organic Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

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5 out of 5 (based on 51 ratings)
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Finally found what I've been looking for all these years! Untapped is hands down better than the gels that have a bunch of weird crap in it, and is just pure maple syrup. So much easier on the gut and just tastes amazing! I'm officially hooked!
Posted by Lou Therien, Oct 14th 2021

Christmas morning

These packets are like Christmas morning in the middle of a long run. Easy on the stomach. Easy to swallow. Live them!
Posted by Dan S, Oct 10th 2021

Maple Love

Risky as it may be, I am trying a new fuel source at the height of my marathon training. I have been struggling with options I have used through the last several years and was ready for something new. My Untapped Maple has now fueled many miles and there are no gut issues. The flavor is fantastic and energy is a good boost without the crash. Digging these a lot and happy to have this new option!
Posted by Troy Coleman, Sep 19th 2021

Maple Untapped Packets

This product is without a doubt the best I have come across as part of my cycling nutrition plan. It’s definitely incredibly easy on my stomach (which as an IBS sufferer was vitally important). And how can you not like the taste of something so iconic. Plus I’ve read about the various health benefits of maple syrup in a person’s diet as well (look it up!) so it checks all the boxes for me.
Posted by Mark, Sep 18th 2021

Puré Maple syrup fuel packs

Perfect: you know exactly what you’re getting in each pack: pure maple syrup. No chemicals or funky flavors. Easy to rip open & swallow without stopping. Gives me a steady reliable boost on long runs.
Posted by Currie Meyer, Aug 31st 2021

Maple Vermont Syrup

Awesome taste and packaging is so convenient to carry. A great value.
Posted by Mary, Aug 6th 2021

Fueled me for the 200 on 100

After using many of the "best" and "most advanced" supplements UnTapped is the only one that works to keep me fueled and without any distress. Including the epic 200 on 100 (208 mi) ride in VT last month where UnTapped was the only supplement I used!
Posted by Andrew Joseph, Jul 15th 2021

Fantastic fuel

This is the first item that doesn't give me digestive issues over the course of Ironman training! So happy to have found something that works!
Posted by Kelly, Jul 9th 2021

Forget about the goo

A few reasons why I always grab a few Untapped packets before a ride: 1) It's a real food, not some crazy engineered cocktail of maltodextrin and fructalose galactose anhydrogenase with synthetic B-vitamins to boot. 2) Dare I say it works better than those goop packets (for me). I can put away two or three ounces of maple syrup per hour, easily, and not experience GI distress or bloat. Always a question mark for me if my body is going to tolerate the goo on any given day, never the case with Untapped. 3) It has naturally occurring antioxidants, B-vitamins, minerals. If you need some extra sodium, the cocoa flavor is my favorite. 4) The flavor - I get to a point where I'm looking forward to the fueling, rather than dreading the fact that I may have accidentally packed a birthday-cake flavored gel in my jersey and subsequently may become physically ill mid-ride. All that is to say, this stuff just works for me. Tastes great, goes down easy, doesn't mix things up in the gut while I'm riding, and doesn't leave me questioning what I'm putting in the fuel tank during aerobic endeavors.
Posted by KTS, Jul 6th 2021