Maple UnTapped


Here it is. Pure maple syrup. All natural energy. It's ready to go wherever you go.


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Love the new packaging

The new packaging is great - it isn't sharp on my lips, and is easier to use when I tape it to my bike for quick access during triathlons. They also fit better in the small pockets of my running shorts and my bike jersey. Now I’m even more of a fan!
Posted by Kate, Nov 14th 2019

New packaging

I love the maple syrup packets for my long runs and marathons. However, I'm sure I'm in the minority when I say I don't like the new packaging. The packets are so skinny that they slide right out of the elasticized holders on my bib belt meant to carry fuel.
Posted by Therese Kerman, Oct 28th 2019

My go to running fuel

Read an Outside magazine article hyping this as a fuel for runners and try to keep it as natural as possible. I love it - the taste, consistency and boost it gives me. Give it a try...u won't be disappointed!!!
Posted by Kevin A, Oct 21st 2019

So much easier than little glass bottles

So if you order pancakes at Cracker Barrel, you get these little individual glass bottles of "100% Natural Syrup". Always tried to snake a few more. I always found them to be a little uncomfortable in my back pockets. Plus, when you finish them mid-ride, you still had empty glass bottles clanking around back there if you can't find a recycling bin along your ride. Then UnTapped came along and created an all natural, great tasting, quick energy product that didn't use glass bottles. Its perfect. Huge fan!
Posted by Brent Lamm, Sep 24th 2019

Great fuel

Excellent for long runs
Posted by Sofia Harnedy, Sep 8th 2019

Untapped Basic Review

Untapped is exactly as advertised-maple syrup in a packet. A simple and marvelous way to transport easily digestible simple carbohydrate source. A little expensive, but until a competitor comes alone Untapped can set there own prices.
Posted by George Jordan , Jul 30th 2019

Real food. Period.

So good and 100% real food. Can’t be beat.
Posted by Nelson Branco, Jul 13th 2019

Sports drink

The best stuff on the planet the ginger flavored drink is THE BEST!
Posted by Tom, Jun 29th 2019

Convenient fuel source

Why buy maple syrup in little packets when you have a gallon jug in your fridge a friend asked? Well, convenience is the simple answer. When traveling to races it would be cumbersome to lug - and refrigerator - a jar of syrup and fill multiple gel flasks. As well as try to keep them from leaking in drop boxes (or the syrup going off when sitting in the sun all day). These packets have just the right amount of syrup for a quick pick me up. the tops are pretty easy to tear off and the design allows you to get the syrup out with minimal effort and no waste (small opening so it doesn't leak out if you don't finish the amount right away). To top it off, they have great customer service! I received a carton of packets recently where one or two had leaked leaving a crystallized maple sugar mess on the rest of the box. Replacements were sent promptly! (cleaning the remaining packets was just a matter of tossing them in a bowl of hot water till the sugar melted off and then wiping them dry).
Posted by wildknits, Jun 20th 2019