Maple UnTapped


Here it is. Pure maple syrup. All natural energy. It's ready to go wherever you go.

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An athlete that can’t live without

My mom sent me a couple of these a few years back after one of her trips to Vermont and I’ve been hooked ever since. I had been using them on hikes, usually about halfway through when I’d need an extra boost of energy. Now I use them on my longer runs too. Such a treat! The taste is amazing of course and it’s just a nice energy boost that is all natural. I don’t like buying products that I don’t understand the ingredients so this product is perfect for me! I am so thankful for this product. Love the new packaging!!
Posted by Morgan, Jun 7th 2020

Where have you been my whole life?

My go to fuel on all of my long gravel bike rides. Easy on my stomach and just natural maple syrup make it go down smooth, unlike some of those other thick, nasty gels I had been using.
Posted by Michael McGee, Jun 1st 2020

A great fuel source for my gravel rides

Of course it would be nice to have some pancakes or waffles along for this product but in a pinch the Untapped maple syrup is a great energy source while on the bike. Easy to open, easy to consume with no tummy issues. Still, it would be nice to have some pancakes to go with the syrup!
Posted by David Smith, May 28th 2020

Untapped Maple Syrup

I’ve been a road cycling guy for years. Tried probably every gel on the market always trying to more and more natural. Just started using Untapped and its great! Works really well, tastes great and NO stomach issues! Definitely try it out if you’re looking for all natural fuel. This is it!
Posted by Troy A, May 23rd 2020

Maple fuel

Oh my. Might be the best thing ever. I don’t mind regular gels but discovery maple syrup as a gel might have been the absolute best thing to happen to this runner. So yummy
Posted by Andrea Robinson, May 20th 2020

Amazing Product!

Now I look forward to riding even more knowing that I get to have this on my rides! Not a big fan of the new packaging, but I am able to make it work.
Posted by Tony, May 12th 2020

Highly recommended

The perfect fuel for my long runs. I really like maple syrup anyway, and this slips down easily even when a I’m tired and doesn’t leave a nasty aftertaste or give me stomach issues.
Posted by Emily, May 2nd 2020

Great for fuel on runs

I tried many products for fuel (gels and chews), and prefer Untapped syrup. First of all, I love the taste. I never use pancake syrup but only real maple syrup at breakfast, but it was hard to carry maple syrup on runs until Untapped offered it. Also, I don't need to drink water with it so it works simultaneously as fuel and hydration. The syrup works well in all weather patterns from winter to summer. The syrup doesn't get thick in the cold winter months like other gels . In the summer, if the syrup warms up a bit, I don't mind because it reminds me of warm syrup over waffles. Therefore, Untapped is the fuel I use on my long runs.
Posted by Diane Kinney, Apr 19th 2020

Great product

i first thought that this was a weird item but sometimes you need a pick me up while riding without chewing.
Posted by Jock deBoer, Apr 7th 2020