Slopeside Syrup Sampler


A 250ml bottle of each grade – Golden/Delicate, Amber/Rich, and Dark/Robust

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The organic pure maple goodness straight from the source in Vermont. Golden/Delicate grade syrup is the lightest in color and flavor. Great for topping your favorite food or anytime when you need a subtle mapley kick. Amber/Rich grade syrup is the heart of UnTapped. This balances a stronger maple flavor with smoothness that compliments many foods and is great as an all-around sweetener. Dark/Robust grade syrup is the darkest in color and strongest flavor from Slopeside. This syrup is best when you need an extra strong maple flavor in baking.

Weight 4 lbs


5.0 out of 5
9 Reviews
  1. Most delicious syrup! I have a tablespoon every morning and it’s a perfect way to start the day.


  2. I ordered 2 sets, so I could share with my Aunt in Oregon. Beautiful bottles and packaged very well.
    I have not opened mine yet, but I did ask her, her opinion. She had opened a bottle on Tues and texted me shortly after and said it was the best Maple syrup she has ever had. I asked her which kind, but the print was so small, she did not know. I described the options, based on color and she had the Robust or Darkest. I ordered from Slopeside because the company, 2 Pigs Farm, stopped doing syrup, and that is what I sent her before. I am really glad I ordered and I will be back.

    Geri Zavala

  3. I bought 2 sets, one for my aunt in Oregon and one for me in California. They arrived well packaged and protected in the cutest bottles.
    I wanted to try because my past supplier, 2 Pigs Farm, had quit their business and suggested this supplier.
    I haven’t been able to try it, but my aunt opened hers and due to the very small print, she was not sure what kind she tried, but I described the color, and she said it was the darkest and she loved it. My aunt said it was the best Maple syrup she has ever tried, even better then 2 Pigs Farm, which I had also sent to her a couple of years back.
    We love your product and your website!

    Geri Zavala

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