Coffee Waffle


When you don’t have time to have a cup of coffee with your waffle, have your coffee in your waffle. Our coffee waffle is sweetened exclusively with pure maple syrup and sugar and boosted with a touch of real coffee.

Until further notice, Coffee Waffles may ship un-cartoned (16 individual waffles).



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coffee waffles

Great waffles and also easy to open on the bike!!
Posted by Michael Altieri, Apr 4th 2020

Best of the Waffles

This is the best waffle out there. I'd put any Untapped waffle up against the competition, that's easy, but these stand out among Untapped's offerings. Great flavor... the coffee tastes like coffee because it actually IS coffee. Not some flavoring made in a lab. All the Untapped waffles have just the right amount of moisture to make them easy to eat, but it's the flavor that gets me every time I eat one. I buy them by the box full.
Posted by John , Oct 9th 2019

Great flavor

This is my favorite flavor of the Untapped waffles. Goes well with morning coffee too!
Posted by Torsten, Aug 6th 2019