Maple Waffle


The result of delicious taste tests and the answer to pleas of “I need a waffle with my syrup!”, the UnTapped Maple Waffle has its roots in the Dutch stroopwafel but is sweetened and flavored exclusively with real Maple syrup and Maple sugar.



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Who says it’s only for rides after dinner snack with hot cuppa coffee pure maple heaven
Posted by Bryan Thornton, Jan 26th 2020


These waffles are the best. I snack on them on hikes, rides, & at work. Super packable, super delicious!
Posted by Michael Cesarini, Dec 15th 2019

Love ❤️ These!

I have several food allergies and I was beyond thrilled to find that I can have these waffles! That said, the taste is what keeps my family coming back for more! We have had every flavor and it would be impossible to pick a favorite! We love, love, love them all!
Posted by Carol Wagner, Sep 30th 2019

Awesome Running Snack

I am allergic to cane sugar and am training for a marathon so this snack is the BEST to give me energy during long runs. It tastes amazing , is easy to eat while on the go and doesn't give me any cramps. Highly recommended!
Posted by Allison, Aug 29th 2019

best ever

Untapped maple waffle and maple syrup are all you need.
Posted by Bruce Hotaling, Aug 20th 2019

Maple waffle

Taste great, would buy again.
Posted by Thomas Owen, Aug 6th 2019

Love These Waffles!

I've always loved stroopwaffles, but with these being all organic and sweetened with maple syrup, they're the best!
Posted by Brian Baker, Jul 3rd 2019


They remind of the waffles in Holland. Yummy have not used for endurance riding yet but I am sure they will be perfect
Posted by Steven Cohen, Apr 3rd 2019

organic maple waffle

With so many non organic, sugary unnatural products out there, I wanted an alternative. Until Untapped Maple waffles came out I like everyone was stuck with less than desirable products to consume for fuel during a workout which always left me feeling less than satisfied. Untapped solved that for me (and countless others)... Untapped now has several waffle flavors like Raspberry, Coffee, and now Chai, but still I think my favorite is the original Maple Waffle. Its got the right amount of great taste, and natural organic ingredients to satisfy any athletic activity. It is not too sweet, and just the right amount of texture to be easy on the system but still taste like a treat that you want after a good hard climb. All of the untapped waffles are great, but the original maple waffle is just too good not to write about. Highly recommended!
Posted by jeff jungsten, Mar 21st 2019