UnTapped: Now Dog Friendly Too!

The dogs of UnTapped is such a thing that they’ve earned a hashtag!

Twig, Cal, Sadie, Cappy, Finley, Frida and Bella spend a good portion of their time in the UnTapped office and with various barks, yips, and ruffs, they made it clear to their human counterparts that people aren’t the only ones that enjoy plaid. Everyone at UnTapped has been big fans of the work from Stunt Puppy after we first met at a trade show nearly a half dozen years ago. 

Without further ado, it’s time to introduce both the Everyday Leash and the Everyday Collar decorated in resplendent plaid. We’ve put these durable doggo wares through the paces and they stand up to the challenge every time. Often resulting in complements when out and about, to boot!