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Summer Training for Winter Sports with Bill Harmeyer

Vermont native Bill Harmeyer just wrapped up his collegiate skiing career with a nursing degree from the University of Vermont. Named to the Eastern Intercollegiate Ski Association’s First Team in his senior year, the result of strong skiing amidst the top D1 racers in New England, the 22 year old is making his transition to

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How to Ride Long Distances with Ted King

UnTapped co-founder and maple fanatic, Ted King, is accustomed to riding his bike for a long time. He was a professional cyclist for ten years, with thousands of training hours to be ready for long grueling days of competition. He set out late on the evening of May 30 to ride a distance that’s entirely

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How To Get into Trail Running with Hotshot Pro Aliza Lapierre

With news of countless would-be runners taking to streets and trails en masse during lockdown and quarantine periods of the last few months, we thought we’d put out a few running focused questions to our resident expert, Aliza Lapierre. Ultra-marathoner, winner of countless races (we could actually count them, but it would take a long

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Trevor Fuchs: Professional Chef Turned Professional Runner

The rumors are true. I was a vegan chef and for a time, a pastry chef at a fun restaurant in Salt Lake City” explains Utah resident Trevor Fuchs. The perpetually upbeat Fuchs isn’t just accomplished in the kitchen, but also chalks up the wins in ultra marathons. Most notably in what is an very

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Can you Stay Fueled on a Vegan Diet?

Can you stay fueled on a vegan diet? Ultra-Runner Trevor Fuchs says absolutely! Trevor Fuchs is an professional ultra runner and former professional vegan baker. Even though his workplace is no longer the kitchen, he’s still acutely aware of what’s going on there. As a vegan professional athlete at the highest level, he’s got some

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Back to Basics

Amid a global pandemic it’s easy be paralyzed by the what-ifs. There are so many questions that it’s hard to move forward. The same can be said about making decisions in the myriad of sports nutrition options. Now, perhaps, more than ever is a time to take a deep breath. It’s a time to look at

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Maple Mezcal Margarita

If your happy hour is in need of a refresher, this adaptation on a simple margarita will add some life to your evening or impress your guests (…when hosting is once again a thing!). This beverage is all about flavor pairing. Mezcal has a distinct smokey flavor making it a tasty partner to maple syrup.

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The UnTapped Kitchen

Given the current climate, going to the grocery store to pick up just an ingredient or two for a particular recipe is not advised. The result is some creativity in the kitchen! UnTapped co-founder Ted King here to tell you that my not-so-secret indulgence is baked goods and I love my time in the kitchen.

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Keeping It Real

We live in a hurried age. Working excessively long hours is lauded by contemporary society as a way to get ahead. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with hard work, it can lead to cutting corners as a means to an end. We at UnTapped believe in the means themselves.  Artificial and “natural flavors” represent a

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Heidi Caldwell is Speeding into the Olympic Trials

Heidi Caldwell comes from a family of Olympic cross-country skiers, but this Vermont native struck out on her own athletically, excelling at track in high school and then at Brown University. Now embracing her role of Running Director at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center, Heidi is headed to Atlanta this weekend for the marathon Olympic trials.

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Trevor Fuchs Ultra Season is Off and Running!

tah native and UnTapped athlete Trevor Fuchs recently competed in Hawaii for the HURT100, a grueling 100 mile ultra running race outside of Honolulu, Hawaii. And by “competed”, we mean Trevor won! With a winning time of just a hair over 22 hours, he navigated the treacherous course faster than the 125 others to toe

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