UnTapped Welcomes Ian Boswell

Gravel cycling standout Ian Boswell has signed with UnTapped Athletic Nutrition for his 2024 season.

“The importance of fueling in endurance sports is the key to reaching our full potential and accomplishing our goals,” says Boswell.  “Since moving to Vermont in 2017, my understanding and appreciation for maple has grown.  It’s no longer just something I put on my pancakes – I add maple to my coffee, put it in my bottles while out training and racing, and even dip my pizza crust in the sweet stuff.  I am proud to be partnering with UnTapped for all my nutrition needs.  2024 is going to be a sweet year!”

Ian has a big year ahead of him as he heads to the Sea Otter Classic in April, back to Hico, Texas for Gravel Locos, and returning to Emporia for Unbound where he finished 1st in 2021 in the 200 miler.

“Ian and I have traveled life in parallel with each other,” says co-founder and professional cyclist Ted King.  “For example, we raced for the same domestic pro team way back when.  I remember welcoming him to the European peloton soon after that, and I was thrilled when he moved to Vermont and I soon followed. Seeing his success in gravel has just been awesome, but more than anything Ian is just a stand-up guy. I’m as thrilled to have him as part of the UnTapped team as I am happy to share a bike ride with him.”

Originally from Bend, Oregon Ian now resides in Peacham, Vermont.