Keeping It Real

We live in a hurried age. Working excessively long hours is lauded by contemporary society as a way to get ahead. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with hard work, it can lead to cutting corners as a means to an end. We at UnTapped believe in the means themselves. 

Artificial and “natural flavors” represent a means to an end. They were created to make something thing taste like something else. To us, that always been a head-scratching concept and we sought to find a simpler way. 

The foundation of UnTapped is pure maple syrup as sports nutrition. Inherently loaded with an array of nutrients such as amino acids, antioxidants, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals, naturally delicious maple syrup doesn’t need arbitrary supplementation.

Coffee was the next avenue we explored with a caffeinated energy pack as the goal. Rather than adding caffeine as a stand alone ingredient and then adding a synthetic coffee flavor, we opted for real coffee and Coffee UnTapped was created.

Real raspberries were the clear answer to the first waffle we produced with a fruit twist. The taste profile was excellent and popped better than the other fruit options we tried. Nevermind where raspberry artificial flavor comes from… 

Real ginger has a naturally soothing effect on an upset stomach, a painful symptom of lengthy endurance exercise. Ginger pairs well with maple and just made sense as we explored hydration products. We were off and running in pursuit of what’s become Ginger Mapleaid.

Real lemons, real chai spices, real black tea, these ingredients don’t just generate a more wholesome taste than their manufactured counterparts, but the nutrition value from the real thing is uncompromised. All of the ingredients listed above contain antioxidant properties. Some of which have been shown to reduce heart disease, lower blood sugar, decrease athletic induced muscle soreness, aid in digestion, and strengthen one’s immune system. The health benefits of these real ingredients are significant and not available with their synthetic counterpart.

In this complex, hard-charging world, we believe that simplicity is the real way to get ahead. Plain and simple: real food for real nutrition.

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