Ginger Mapleaid


Our Ginger Mapleaid is made with unrefined, pure maple sugar that has the minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants to make it an ideal athletic fuel. Real ginger soothes your stomach letting you enjoy the calories needed to perform, while sea salt replaces lost electrolytes. Enjoy UnTapped's take on the classic drink Vermont's farmers have used for generations.

  • 80 Calories
  • 225mg Sodium
  • Limited Ingredient
  • Low Glycemic

Ingredients: Maple Sugar, Ginger, Sea Salt

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5 out of 5 (based on 35 ratings)
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Pure liquid GOLD!! Gets me and my friends through the heat and especially great for long ride!!!
Posted by Guy Sullivan , Aug 23rd 2021

King of Hydration!

Mapleaid absolutely rocks on Long Rides! Fell in love with this stuff on CentuyRides!!
Posted by Guy Sullivan , Jul 16th 2021

Game Changer!

I’ve been struggling with my long runs in the heat this year. Someone suggested I try the Ginger Mapleaid and it has made my runs more comfortable and I recover quicker in the heat! Thanks UnTapped for this great product!
Posted by Jenn , Jul 13th 2021

Mapleaid quite simply ROCKS!!!

Go to for hydration never disappoints and makes long rides easier!! Doing another century? Grab some ASAP!! Love all Untapped Products!!
Posted by Guy Sullivan , Jun 30th 2021

Ginger Mapleaid

It’s a little rich for my tastebuds, but I can’t argue with the results. Lately I started to struggle with bike rides over 2 hrs in the heat and yesterday I was able to complete a 56 mile ride in 85° heat without bonking or pooping out. So I’ll take the strong taste in exchange for the positive results.
Posted by Dave, Jun 6th 2021

Ginger heads - this is your drink

I love this product so much. If you are a ginger fanatic, you will be more than pleased by the heat of the ginger and the mellow sweetness of the maple sugar combination. If you're less inclined to spicy ginger, you can easily water it down, and it will still be delicious--hot or cold. As importantly, it's a really effective electrolyte drink.
Posted by Marisa, Apr 27th 2021

Great stuff!

I love this drink. The ginger is excellent, the saltiness was perfect. Much preferred over the normal hydration drinks. My wife loves it mixed into a can of le croi over ice on the porch. Tried a few of the single servings and then ordered the 1lb bag. Love this stuff.
Posted by Josh, Apr 12th 2021


I am training for my first 70.3 and now regularly putting in 14+ hours a week of running, cycling and swimming... and I have a sensitive stomach. A lot of the products on the market dont agree with me but I have to fuel with something outside water to replace what I lose. This stuff is amazing. Doesn't upset my stomach and tastes amazing. I appreciate no artifical stuff , its not needed to go faster or longer. All the processed garbage actually slows you down. This product is amazing and thank. you xx
Posted by Ilana Kearns, Apr 4th 2021

Ginger Mapleaid

All time favorite drink mix for during a ride and post ride hydration.
Posted by Keith Evans, Mar 29th 2021