Fueling With UnTapped

Fueling With UnTapped

There are a number of variables that can steer optimal performance from the perspective of nutritional and UnTapped has you covered. Our ingredient list relies on simplicity to deliver the very best final product — the best tasting, the best digesting, and the best performing. Similarly, we offer this simple fueling guide to steer your sports nutrition needs.

At the basic level, to perform the body needs the following: calories, hydration, and electrolytes


Maple syrup is the foundation for UnTapped nutrition. A nutrient rich, low-glycemic carbohydrate, maple syrup won’t spike and subsequently crash your energy, as you may experience with other carbohydrates. All UnTapped nutrition has calories, so no matter what UnTapped you’re consuming, you won’t be running on empty.

Mapleaid uses real ingredients – maple sugar, lemons, black tea, ginger and sea salt – each with real world, performance-boosting traits that keep you properly hydrated better than water alone. As an easy-to-use powdered drink mix, Mapleaid helps you maintain a proper fluid balance.

Maple syrup is packed with nutrients, especially as compared to other, more inert energy sources. Maple syrup inherently contains vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. These electrically charged minerals and compounds help your body do work, facilitate muscle contraction, and allow you to perform at your best.

Benchmark Nutrition Guide

The most important variables related to how much you should consume are:

  • the length of time (long or short)
  • level of intensity (hard or short)
  • the conditions (hot or cold, humid or dry)

Longer, harder, and hotter/more humid events require greater quantities of calories, hydration, and electrolytes. But that doesn’t mean just water on cold days! You body still always craves the trio of calories, hydration, and electrolytes.

The following sets the benchmark. From here, you can hone these more precisely to your specific needs. We suggest having your energy topped up before going into an athletic event. Whether training or competing, your best performance occurs with proper fueling.

Breakfast on Event Day:

Start the day off right with a hearty breakfast.

60 Minutes Before an Event:
1 UnTapped Waffle
1 bottle of Mapleaid, sipped
Hunger pangs are satisfied but you’re not too full. You’re topping up on a combination of fast acting and slow burning carbohydrates, and you have a tasty infusion of electrolytes.

30 Minutes Before an Event:
1 Maple UnTapped
Or for more electrolytes: 1 Coffee UnTapped or 1 Salted Raspberry UnTapped or 1 Salted Cocoa UnTapped

It’s nearly go time so a quick 100 calories of maple or caffeinated maple have you ready to work.

Go Time! Every 30 Minutes of the Event:
1 Maple UnTapped or 1 Coffee UnTapped or 1 Salted Raspberry UnTapped
1/2 bottle of Mapleaid, sipped
A steady input to keep you topped up and performing at your peak.

Curious About Caffeine? 
Coffee UnTapped takes Maple UnTapped and infuses it with organic coffee providing 27mg of naturally occurring caffeine. Lemon Tea Mapleaid has 25mg of caffeine from real black tea. Competitors’ caffeinated athletic products can be 4-6x as much caffeine which can leave you feeling jittery or with an upset stomach. Coffee UnTapped is suggested for early morning workouts or when you need a little more oomph in your output. For longer events, athletes find Coffee UnTapped the perfect fuel for the finish line push.

UnTapped waffles offer both fast acting and slower burning carbohydrates. They work great to satisfy hunger leading into an event and sate your appetite in longer events. With between 140-160 calories per waffle, they’re easy to digest and won’t fill you up to the point of slowing you down.

“Whether I’m out for an hour long spin, a Saturday group ride, or a multi-day adventure I rely on the UnTapped fueling guide to be at my best. I’ve used a heck of a lot of sports nutrition in my time and there’s nothing that comes even close to tasting this good or performing as well as UnTapped!”

-Ted King. UnTapped co-founder, former World Tour cyclist, and gravel advocate