Waffle Variety Pack


We have been asked many times to offer for a waffle variety pack. Here it is! Now you can get a 16ct box of our maple based stroopwafels split between up to 4 varieties. Mix and match to your hearts content - 8 Maple Waffles, 4 Lemon Waffles, 4 Coffee Waffles; 4 Maple Waffles, 4 Coffee Waffles, 4 Raspberry Waffles, 4 Chai Waffles; 12 Lemon Waffles, 4 Cocoa Waffles; or any other assortment you can dream up.

If you're interested to learn more about fueling with UnTapped, take a few moments and give our Fueling Guide a read. 

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Definitely the best waffles out there. Flavor is great and digestion is easy while cycling or running.
Posted by Ben Lamay, Oct 31st 2021

Great tasting, even the fruit-flavored

I've been wanting to try these waffles for a while and finally got the opportunity. I fully expected to enjoy the maple, coffee, and cocoa, but I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed the raspberry, lemon, and especially the chai. I don't usually like fruit-flavored ride food, but these are not overly sweet and taste very natural.
Posted by TiCyclePNW, Oct 17th 2021

variety pack

Handed these out to riders on the next to last day of a transcontinental bike ride. Everyone that ate their waffle had great reviews of the waffles.
Posted by B Farenwald, Aug 12th 2021

Effective and yummy

These are kind of like a stroopwafel but not a sticky, sugar bomb. I ordered this originally to try all the flavors (they're all delicious, btw). My second order I went heavy on the raspberry, which is a personal favorite, and then I ordered the variety pack again just for fun, since, let's be honest, they're all yummy. My whole family likes to have these on hand after a hike, and they're great for an energy hit while running.
Posted by Marisa, Apr 27th 2021

Try them all

I liked so many of the flavors from the other sample pack that I still couldn't decide what to order so I mixed a box. Love these for my long runs.
Posted by Josh, Apr 12th 2021

Untapped waffles.

I love the waffles. My wife has to hide them from me or I will eat them all in one sitting. Then I wont have any for my rides and races.
Posted by Timothy Hackett, Mar 17th 2021