Waffle Variety Pack


Enjoy this waffle variety pack containing 2 of each of our maple-based stroopwafels.

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Here it is! Now you can get a 12ct box of our maple-based stroopwafels. 2 Maple Waffles, 2 Lemon Waffles, 2 Coffee Waffles, 2 Raspberry Waffles, 2 Chai Waffles, 2 Cocoa Waffles.

Weight 1.37 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4.9 × 2.75 in


4.9 out of 5
23 Reviews
  1. Tasty and fits in your jersey pocket nicely.


  2. These are amazing. They’re a little crumbly on the edges compared to other waffles I have tried which creates some funny textures in my coffee, but otherwise, they are sweet, the flavors are both simple and unique, and the maple adds the perfect background sweetness. I have now tried every single flavor, and they are all AMAZING. Plus, the company packed and shipped my order SO quickly that the waffles I ordered Saturday evening were on my porch by Monday.

    Kellyn Elaine Wolden

  3. I loved every flavor of these and they are addictive!!! The cocoa one was probably my favorite, but they were all good.

    Becky Bechtel

  4. I really like the taste and the ingredients used in the Untapped waffles. The Lemon, Raspberry and coffee are my favorites. My only wish would be to reduce the dryness of these waffles. The Untapped waffles are not as moist as some of the waffles from other brands which I also use.


  5. Amazing
    Definitely the best waffles out there. Flavor is great and digestion is easy while cycling or running.

    Ben Lamay

  6. Great tasting, even the fruit-flavored
    I’ve been wanting to try these waffles for a while and finally got the opportunity. I fully expected to enjoy the maple, coffee, and cocoa, but I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed the raspberry, lemon, and especially the chai. I don’t usually like fruit-flavored ride food, but these are not overly sweet and taste very natural.


  7. variety pack
    Handed these out to riders on the next to last day of a transcontinental bike ride. Everyone that ate their waffle had great reviews of the waffles.

    B Farenwald

  8. Effective and yummy
    These are kind of like a stroopwafel but not a sticky, sugar bomb. I ordered this originally to try all the flavors (they’re all delicious, btw). My second order I went heavy on the raspberry, which is a personal favorite, and then I ordered the variety pack again just for fun, since, let’s be honest, they’re all yummy. My whole family likes to have these on hand after a hike, and they’re great for an energy hit while running.


  9. Try them all
    I liked so many of the flavors from the other sample pack that I still couldn’t decide what to order so I mixed a box. Love these for my long runs.


  10. Untapped waffles.
    I love the waffles. My wife has to hide them from me or I will eat them all in one sitting. Then I wont have any for my rides and races.

    Timothy Hackett


What’s in a Waffle

We live by an expression at UnTapped that goes back to our roots. It reads, UnTapped: Keeping it real since 2013. From our beginning, we’ve been all about real foods. In 2013 we launched the original Maple UnTapped as the single ingredient answer to the goopy energy gels that are loaded with bulk carbohydrates, mineral supplements, and natural flavors. Maple

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