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Try all of what we have to offer and decide what you like best!


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The UnTapped Sample Pack is the perfect option to try an assortment of our tasty maple-based nutrition. Try all of what we have to offer and decide what you like best!

  • Pure Maple Sugar
  • Pure Maple Syrup
  • Vegan
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4.9 × 2 in
Highlighted Features

Pure Maple Sugar, Pure Maple Syrup, Vegan


4.9 out of 5
43 Reviews
  1. This was my first untapped purchase. I’d known about the company for years but for some reason was content on choking down cliff bars as I looked forward to my occasional shot block.

    I purchased mainly to test the variety of waffles, with the off-chance I’d like the energy gels. I have a thing against energy gels (taste, texture, strange unknown substance) but maple syrup I can get down with. About 30 miles into my first ride with untapped I decided to test one of the gels, this was with a bit of hesitation for the reasons I just noted. But I needed the energy and it was a hot day so extra cognizant of my water bottle levels. Now I’m not going to call it a spiritual experience, but I was amazed. It’s maple syrup! It’s good for you! It tastes absolutely delicious! It took seconds to consume. I noticed an immediate uptick in energy levels (this one was likely mental, but that’s important too.) After ~8 years of road riding I’ve finally found my fuel of choice. This was about six weeks ago and I haven’t taken a ride without untapped product(s) in my back pocket.

    Waffles are very good too. And I’ve since bought two bags of the mapleaid powder, more waffles, and more gels. But the syrup is the real game changer for me. I like the salted cocoa and coffee ones the best, raspberry is pretty sweet but still quite nice. Overall they are all delicious and variety is important. If you’re on the fence, I recommend give this variety pack a try.


  2. Along with another reviewer, I was really looking for something to sustain me on long rides that was less artificial than products like clif gels. I was skeptical about the waffles, thinking they’d shatter in my jersey pockets, but they held up very well – no issues there at all, and super tasty to boot. Highly recommended. All the flavors have really surprised me so far with how good they are.


  3. A nice selection of your available products. I used it for a birthday gift and it was much appreciated. Thanks


Fueling With UnTapped


Fueling With UnTapped

There are a number of variables that can steer optimal performance from the perspective of nutritional and UnTapped has you covered. Our ingredient list relies on simplicity to deliver the very best final product — the best tasting, the best digesting, and the best performing. Similarly, we offer this simple fueling guide to steer your

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