UnTapped Welcomes Allie Ostrander

UnTapped Maple is proud to announce that Allie Ostrander is joining the UnTapped roster as their newest ambassador. The 26-year-old Seattle-based runner was born in Alaska where she cultivated a love of trails and mountains. Sports have been a part of her life since childhood, as she grew up in a family that has always been connected to the outdoors. Although much of her career as an athlete has been spent on the track, she has a great love for the mountains and all that they offer.

“I’m excited to partner with Untapped as I move toward longer and more technical races; intra-workout and intra-race fueling is becoming an integral part of maximizing my performance, so I want to make sure that I have the highest quality fuel. Untapped products have been instrumental for me in training my body (and my brain) to embrace the mid-workout carbs. The products are made with simple ingredients and easily absorbed during exercise, without any stomach issues. Also, they taste so good that I have been looking for reasons to eat more of them like cooking and baking with maple syrup and mixing stroopwafels into my granola! Untapped is a small company, and they’ve made me feel welcomed and valued from the start. I can’t wait to continue working with them and basking in the glory of maple syrup!” 

While performance and fitness are top priorities, she strives to show how fun, passion, intrinsic motivation, and prioritizing overall health are possible, and pertinent, to achieving athletic goals. Through vulnerability and authenticity on her YouTube channel and Instagram page, she has demonstrated the ways in which mental health has impacted her running career in an effort to help others navigate similar struggles. All of this is shared, of course, through the lens of crushing workouts and working to constantly better herself on and off the course.

“Allie is an ideal addition to our team,” explained Aliza Lapierre, Ambassador Manager for UnTapped. “Her focus on thoughtful nutrition and performance align perfectly with our mission and our products.” 

All Photos Courtesy of Nick Danielson

 About UnTapped: From humble beginnings offering portably packaged maple syrup in 2015, today UnTapped  a full suite of maple based athletic nutrition products. With an understanding of the critical elements required in sports nutrition, UnTapped was founded in late 2013 by professional cyclist, Ted King, Alpine Skiers Doug and Roger Brown and nordic skier, Andrew Gardner. Learn more at www.untapped.cc.