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Ted King

Ted King

A product of collegiate bike racing, Ted has a long career of going fast on a bicycle. Starting in the World Tour and now pioneering the fast-growing gravel sector of the cycling racing scene.

Gravel Cycling


Ted King on a bike

2x Winner

Unbound Gravel

3rd Place

US Pro Road Championships

1st Place

SBTGRVL (Steamboat Gravel)

Born and raised in New Hampshire, Ted played a variety of sports through high school before setting off to Vermont and college. At Middlebury College, he found and fell in love with the sport of cycling which he’s turned into a lifelong career. First racing domestically straight out of school, he graduated to the European-based World Tour for the Cervelo TestTeam, Liquigas, and Cannondale Pro Cycling. As a domestique, he cut his teeth working for the likes of Thor Hushovd, Carlos Sastre, Ivan Basso, Vincenzo Nibali, and alongside Peter Sagan. Ted raced the world’s most renowned road races for a decade before retiring at the end of 2015.

Not entirely sure what he was stepping into beyond the pro ranks, Ted has become a pioneer in the world of gravel cycling. He’s twice won the race now called Unbound as well as taking wins at SBTGRVL, Vermont Overland, the Last Best Ride, and a handful of Grasshopper Adventure Series races among others. He also enjoys dabbling in fastest known times (FKT), such as at the Arkansas High Country Race, and establishing first attempts as he’s done at the VTXL and Megahopper, although truth be told he’s happiest when he’s promoting the general sport of cycling and “putting more butts on bikes.”

He’s a husband and father, a co-owner of UnTapped and the gravel event Rooted Vermont, he spearheads the charity bike ride, the King Challenge, and is an ambassador for some of the industry’s very best brands.

Q&A With Ted

The VTXL was a ride that spans the entire length of the state of Vermont, but the real catch is that it’s 90% gravel. It’s 310 miles and 34,000 feet of climbing which is a pretty ferocious ratio of climbing. I started at 11pm and rode through til about 9pm the next day. That day still makes me want to do it again! You can see the video here.

I often respond to this question with “whichever product I most recent ate!” Which is entirely true, although maybe not specific enough for someone’s taste. I have been on a Lemon Waffle streak recently that’s brightened my days.

And in the winter I’ve been known to put hot water a bottle and then combine Ginger Mapleaid and a Salted Cocoa UnTapped. It’s like this spicy hot chocolate that’s very tough to beat. 

I think it goes back to the feeling of being a kid on a bike with the sense of freedom and speed and  the end-of-the-day exhaustion. Those feelings continue now, decades later in this sport. I love that cycling has turned into a profession and hobby and escape and therapy and I found my wife in the sport and my best friends are in the sport. 

What Ted’s Eating