In the creation of Mapleaid, we sought the simplest solution to the conundrum of drink mix. In Ginger Mapleaid, we have just three ingredients: organic maple sugar, ginger, and sea salt. In Lemon Tea Mapleaid, there are only four: organic maple sugar, lemons, black tea, and sea salt. That’s it. Occam’s razor explains that the simplest answer to a problem is often the correct one. Refreshing simplicity is the path we chose in making Mapleaid.

Over a nearly three-year period the UnTapped team worked hard to remove from the formulation any processing aids, flow agents, and synthetic flavors. We consciously chose to avoid maltodextrin, silicone dioxide, sodium citrate, and corn-based citric acid. Those aren’t things you buy at the grocery store or find in your kitchen, so we didn’t want them in our athletic fuel.

Not all sugars are created equal. Maple sugar is produced simply by boiling maple sap until all the liquid has evaporated. At which point, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, and iron are all part of the nutritional line up, plus amino acids and antioxidants. In addition to being low glycemic, organic maple sugar provides a nourishing foundation on which we build Mapleaid.

First things first, we prioritize a great tasting product. We want you to reach for all UnTapped products excited to take a bite or sip! Let’s take a look at Ginger Mapleaid. Maple sugar’s rich and hearty flavor pairs well with a whole host of things. Maple and ginger are a delicious match, so we knew the flavor profile was spot on.

Ginger has been used for centuries to sooth an upset stomach and aid digestive health. Not an old wives’ tale, ginger is a functional food. While much acclaim in the nutrition world is given to probiotics, prebiotics are equally valuable as they feed probiotics, the beneficial bacteria in your digestive system. Additionally, prebiotics are shown to boost one’s immune system. You guessed it, ginger is a prebiotic. Just the right amount of sea salt is added to enhance the taste and to lift the electrolyte profile.

Next, real lemons and black tea are a tried and true combination paired with the subtle sweetness of organic maple syrup in Lemon Tea Mapleaid. Real lemons provide the zesty boost of vitamin C and potassium. While other sports drinks tend to blast more caffeine than a corner coffee shop’s espresso machine, our black tea delivers a modest 25mg per serving, enough to keep you going without giving you the jitters. Many drinks have caffeine as a stand-alone ingredient; we knew there was a simpler, more delicious alternative. Again, sea salt rounds out the mix for an enhanced taste and added electrolytes.

Athletic fuel is meant to serve a purpose — to deliver carbohydrates and nutrients and help you perform. At UnTapped we opt for incredibly high-quality ingredients and nothing more. We avoid additives when there’s a simpler, better solution available. Whether you’re in the heat of competition, out on a training session, or even settled down working at home, we find that both our Mapleaid drinks are an outstanding choice for an enhanced experience.