Erik Corbett Wins Men’s Hand Cycle Division at VCM

Hand Cycling on Whiteface

Erik Corbett is a hand cyclist and maple fanatic.  Just a few weeks ago he won the Vermont City Marathon for hand cyclists, but it was not his first time on this course.  Erik fills us in on his experience at VCM and how his 2024 win came to fruition:

“I’ve had an interesting relationship with the Vermont City Marathon in Burlington, Vermont the last few years.  In 2022 I won the men’s hand cycle division after thinking I was in second place until the finish line, when they raised the finishing tape.  The lead hand cyclist had missed a few turns and I had unknowingly passed him, leading to a first place finish for me.

The 2023 VCM was my turn to miss a few turns and resulted in my own second place finish.

But in 2024, it all worked out.  I made the drive from Conway, NH to Burlington the morning of the race, enjoying a couple UnTapped Maple Waffles on the road to fuel before the start line. I was able to put it all together on race day and lead the race from start to finish, resulting in a very fulfilling win.  The community that comes out for the Vermont City Marathon provides for low key vibes and a great time, all making for a fabulous Memorial Day weekend.

What’s he been up to since?

“Just this past weekend I ascended Whiteface Mountain, and man was that brutal.  Eight miles with an average gradient of 8.4% (many sections being 9-10% or more) is no joke.  I was confident I’d get to the top, but I knew it would take me some time to get up there.  I called my wife on my way to pick me up at the top as the sun was beginning to set, and she captured these photos.  I reached the top of Whiteface in 2 hours and 45 minutes.  Vermonter and US Paralympian Alicia Dana did it on her handcycle in an hour and 45 minutes, and as far as I know we are the only hand cyclists to tackle it.  I suppose that would make us the KOM and QOM for now!”

Photo credit Beth Corbett