Keeping up with Callen

Returning Maple Fanatic Callen Hwang has been back in full swing this winter and is currently rounding out her snowboarding season with a few final local and national competitions and events.  In the midst of all of this Callen continues to balance her academics, family and friends. 

Callen you have had a jammed pack season thus far, can you tell us what your focus has been this winter? 

I’ve been focused on school and snowboarding, specifically slopestyle and rail jam competitions, as well as other events like Park Affair, Soy Sauce Nation, Sidehit Séance, and Last Call. These events are a nice addition of fun snowboarding and good community vibes vs focused on winning all the time.

Has there been a moment from this winter that has really stuck with you?  Why has it stayed with you?

It’s been a busy winter. The one that really sticks out is Park Affair at Killington because I got to coach girls of different skill levels and ages, and teach them new tricks, how to approach new features, and help them grow in confidence and comfort in the park. I loved meeting up with old friends and making new ones.

Did you watch the Olympics? If so what events? Do you dream of one day being at the Olympic Games? 

We watched Slopestyle, Pipe and Big Air, mens and womens. It’d be really cool to compete in Slopestyle one day and / or meet some of the athletes and role models I look up to. It was super cool to watch the men’s halfpipe and see some huge switch methods and methods. 

As an athlete you are spending a lot of time on the slopes, how are you staying fueled while working on all your tricks and while waiting your turn in a competition?

I bring some granola and snacks as well as a lot of water / Maple aid, especially when out in Colorado. I also like to keep a raspberry waffle in my pocket in case I get hungry. It’s easy to carry because it’s small and thin. I don’t have to worry about falling on it since it’s small and thin. Untapped syrup is good that way too.

Photo Credit: Frank Hwang

In May you will be going to an event in Oregon called It’s Tits, which is a celebration of women’s snowboarding which also raises funds for Boarding For Breast Cancer.  What does I mean to you to be a part of this event and the women’s snowboarding community? 

It’s really cool, especially since it’s my first time. I always looked up to a lot of the female riders who go out there and progress on the set up. It is super cool that the event is raising awareness for a good cause. I am really stoked to see all the women in the sport, and all the women’s events.

Photo Credit: Frank Hwang & USASA