Fueling With UnTapped

There are a number of variables that can steer optimal performance from a nutritional standpoint, but rest assured UnTapped has you covered! Just as our ingredient list relies on simplicity for the best final product, we offer this simple guide to steer your sports nutrition needs.

Maple syrup is easy on your stomach. We purposely avoid additives, flavors, and flow agents leaving your tummy happy. We hear from happy customers all the time who are delighted to find how settling all UnTapped is on their stomach!

At the basic level, to perform the body needs the following: calories, hydration, and electrolytes. The expanding line-up of UnTapped products match up with each of these athletic needs. 

Maple syrup is the foundation for UnTapped nutrition. A low-glycemic carbohydrate, consuming UnTapped won’t spike your energy and then have it quickly come crashing down. All UnTapped nutrition has calories, so no matter what UnTapped you’re consuming, you won't be running on empty.

Mapleaid uses real ingredients – maple sugar, lemons, black tea, ginger and sea salt – each with real world performance boosting traits to help keep you properly hydrated better than water alone. Easily mixed with water, Mapleaid helps you maintain a proper fluid balance to optimize performance.

Maple syrup is a nutritionally rich carbohydrate, especially as compared to other, more inert energy sources, because maple syrup inherently contains vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. These electrically charged minerals and compounds help your body do work, facilitate muscle contraction, and let you feel like your normal self.

Benchmark Nutrition Guide

The most important variables related to how much you should consume are:

  • the length of exercise time
  • the intensity of exertion
  • the environment in which you’re working 

Longer events will require greater quantities of calories, hydration, and electrolytes. Warmer events require a greater emphasis on hydration and maintaining electrolyte balance. And don't forget that it may be cold outside during winter workouts, but if you're on the treadmill or trainer, you're likely sweating at an even greater rate than normal! Short, intense events need more fast acting carbohydrates and less of something to quench an appetite. No matter your needs, UnTapped has you covered.

The following sets the benchmark. From here, you can hone these rules more precisely to your style of event. We suggest having your energy topped up before going into an athletic event. Whether training or competing, your best performance occurs with proper fuel.

60 minutes before an event:
1 UnTapped Waffle
1 bottle of Mapleaid, sipped 
...with this combination, hunger pangs are satisfied but you're not stuffed; you're topping up on a combination of fast acting and slow burning carbohydrates, and you'll have a tasty infusion of electrolytes.

30 minutes before an event:
1 Maple UnTapped or 1 Coffee UnTapped or 1 Salted Raspberry UnTapped
...it's nearly go-time so a quick 100 calories of maple or caffeinated maple will have you ready to work.

It's go time! Every 30 minutes of the event:

1 Maple UnTapped or 1 Coffee UnTapped or 1 Salted Raspberry UnTapped
1/2 bottle of Mapleaid, sipped

Curious about Caffeine? 
Coffee UnTapped takes the same nutritional value of Maple UnTapped and infuses it with organic coffee which provides 27mg of naturally occurring caffeine. Other caffeinated athletic products can be 4-6x as much caffeine which can leave you feeling jittery and anxious. Coffee UnTapped is suggested for early morning workouts or when you need a little more oomph in your output. For longer events, athletes find Coffee UnTapped the perfect fuel for the finish line push.

UnTapped waffles offer both fast acting and slower burning carbohydrates. They work great to satisfy hunger leading into an event and sate your appetite in longer events. With between 140-160 calories per waffle, they’re easy to digest and won’t fill you up to the point of slowing you down.

Dirty Kanza is the longest, hottest, most energy intensive race I've ever done. I burn nearly 10,000 calories over the course of the 200 mile race and rely on this UnTapped nutrition guide exclusively to fuel the win. 
-Ted King, 2x Winner of Dirty Kanza, former World Tour cyclist, UnTapped co-founder