Salted Raspberry UnTapped


Pure Vermont maple syrup, organic raspberry juice, and sea salt.

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Salted Raspberry UnTapped is the delicious combination of pure Vermont maple syrup, organic raspberry juice, and sea salt. As part of the salted line of UnTapped packets, Salted Raspberry UnTapped helps you maintain your electrolyte balance in the heart of competition or a simple training session.

  • Electrolyte Replacement
  • Low Glycemic
  • Real Vermont Maple Syrup
  • Vegan
Weight 0.094 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 1.25 × 0.25 in
Highlighted Features

Electrolyte Replacement, Low Glycemic, Real Vermont Maple Syrup, Vegan

Organic Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, Organic Raspberry Juice, Sea Salt.
Nutrition Facts Servings: 1 Serving Size: 1 Packet (38g), Amount per serving: Calories 100, Total Fat 0g (0% DV), Sodium 60mg (0% DV), Total Carb. 26g (9% DV), Total Sugars 26g (50% DV),  Protein 0g (0% DV), Calcium (3% DV), Iron (4% DV), Potassium 100mg ( 2% DV), Thiamin (2% DV), Riboflavin (35% DV), Magnesium (2% DV), Zinc (5% DV), Manganese (60% DV)


5.0 out of 5
25 Reviews
  1. My go-to nutrition product
    This is my go-to nutrition product for all activities (mainly cycling) year-round. The taste never gets old, the consistency isn’t super thick, it’s easy on the stomach, and you can essentially eat the entire packet in one shot-like motion with enough practice. Can’t recommend these enough!

    Blake M

  2. Salted raspberry sizzurp
    These saved me this past weekend on a 124 mile ride!

    Mike K

  3. Salted Raspberry Untapped
    First time to try the raspberry Untapped and I especially like the salty-tart-sweet combination.


  4. Salted Raspberry
    This is my favorite of the syrup line of products! The tartness of the raspberry offsets the sweetness of the straight maple syrup – super tasty! And as others have noted, the new packaging is a great improvement.

    Felix Riesenberg

  5. Loving the raspberry
    I’ve been a long time Untapped fan and was slow to try this, but I’m glad I finally did! The flavor of the raspberry/maple is so tasty and it’s really great to have some salt for the warmer, sweatier weather long runs.


  6. Best flavor yet!!!
    As far as fruit flavors go, this is the best I have encountered, with the added sodium it is now my go to

    Phil LaCroix

  7. Salted Raspberry
    This new flavor is incredible. The packet is softer than before and easy to use and the salted raspberry syrup is my new favorite from Untapped. Highly recommended.


  8. Salted Raspberry
    This new flavor is fantastic! I really appreciate that the Uptapped folks listened to the crowd and added an electrolyte product to the already awesome line-up. I have been slurping these down on snowy VT bike rides over the last two weeks and its now my go-to flavor, for sure. Also, yes, the packaging is way easier to get every last drop out!

    Rachel Cohen

  9. A tasty addition to the Untapped lineup!
    I ordered a 5 packet sample pack to give this new flavor a try. It’s a nice addition to the line-up and I look forward to adding it to the rotation for the 2020 ultra season.

    The raspberry flavor is quite apparent and complimentary to the maple syrup.

    The new packaging is fantastic! So much easier to open and the tab stays attached which makes it that much easier not to accidentally leave micro-trash along the trail. Seems easier to get all of the product out as well.


  10. a great add to the already great products from Untapped
    I ordered these as soon as they came out. I love untapped products and the salted raspberry was a perfect addition to the growing stable of products. the flavor is amazing, and it adds a bit of variation that is always great with endurance products. new packaging is great as well. super easy to use on the bike. great job Untapped!

    jeff jungsten

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