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Aliza Lapierre

Aliza Lapierre

A former ice hockey player that turned to running after college, her trail running passion began by exploring her home state on her my own two feet fueled by maple syrup, curiosity and the beauty of nature.   Her three mile runs turned to six milers and then marathons, 50 milers and eventually the hundred mile distance.

Ultra Runner


4x Golden Ticket Winner

Bandera & Georgia Death Race

5x Top Ten Finisher

Western States Endurance Run

1st Place

Ultra Race of Champions (UROC)

Born and raised in Vermont, Aliza’s main athletic focus growing up was ice hockey. At the age of five she began playing on the boys team and continued to do so through her junior year in high school before making the shift to girls hockey. After high school she pursued athletics and academics at St. Lawrence University. Over her college career she accumulated academic knowledge and athletic concussions, which eventually forced her to step away from competitive play.

Not entirely sure were to shift her energy she put on some running shoes and headed out the door. As her mileage built so did her curiosity. A local 5k lead way to a road marathon and before diving headfirst into the 50 mile distance where she fell in love with the ultra running community. After a few years of racing 50 miles and 100k’s she took on the challenge of the hundred mile distance.

As a Salomon athlete she had the opportunity to race across the country and the globe and through her triumphs and struggles her motto has become, “Run Strong, Be Brave and Breathe!” Although the pandemic has decreased the amount of races, Aliza finds joy in getting out for hikes and runs daily and sharing her passion and knowledge with the next generation.

Aliza is a wife, has a fur puppy named Twig and works for UnTapped overseeing Events and Athletes and while she isn’t working or running enjoys a good cup of coffee along with a baked good.

Q&A With Aliza

I actually ask myself that question almost everyday and sometimes my answer does shift.  The foundation of why I run is to stay mentally and physically healthy. I find joy in days where it feels effortless and even on days where every stride feels difficult.  I find that it makes me a better person.  I also run to push my perceived capabilities and I run with the hope that maybe I can inspire one person to believe in themself.  

Without hesitation the Salted Cocoa UnTapped is my favorite product. Whether I am running, visiting a coffee shop or baking I find myself reaching for a Salted Cocoa UnTapped.  I do admit I am excited that UnTapped is adding Gluten Free waffles to the nutrition lineup and know I will also be relying on these in training, race and everyday life. 

I love that I am able to explore places where oftentimes other forms of human powered adventure cannot.  I enjoy the ability to cover remote terrain and to be able to discount from society, it provides an opportunity to step back and refresh my mind and spirit.  Nature is like a playground and I am like a big kid so it works out well!

What Aliza’s Eating