UnTapped: What’s in a Waffle?


Author: Ted King

The first stroopwafel is rumored to have been made in the early 1800s in the Netherlands. Fast-forward some two hundred years, my introduction to the Dutch treat occurred when I traveled to Belgium and started my European racing career. Characterized by it’s thin, sandwich like construction, the wafel is delicately split and then combined back together with a light layer of warm, spicy and sweet syrup. The result is something ethereally graceful, delicious, and perfectly satisfying.

The Netherlands and Belgium are two of the riches cycling cultures on the planet. Racing week in and week out, there’s a point where I grew tired of reaching into my jersey pocket and pulling out yet another energy bar, spat from a machine. It can be a rote sport, so there are very few things that lift a cyclist’s spirits more than finding something delectable delivered mid-race in the feed bag. Using real food as fuel was a novel concept at that time. The stroopwafel is high on that list.

The only hiccup is that on this side of the Atlantic we don’t eat wafels, we enjoy waffles! And our morning breakfast tradition is to enhance waffles with pure maple syrup; we don’t use brown rice syrup nor glucose syrup nor tapioca syrup.

It’s with that original thinking, not just another piece of sports nutrition, that UnTapped was born. First with the maple packet and next with our Maple Waffle. What’s more, unlike those aforementioned inert sugars, maple syrup is a literal superfood, loaded with antioxidants and amino acids plus trace minerals, as well as being low glycemic for a sustained delivery of energy. So with the European stroopwafel in mind, I wanted to bring the concept to America and intuitively load up my waffle with maple syrup.

We’re guessing you don’t make your waffles at home with the ambiguous ingredient, “natural flavor”. If you want the taste of cinnamon, you add cinnamon, simple enough. That’s the UnTapped ethos to use as few ingredients as possible and to use the real thing. So when it came to adding some variety to our waffles, we introduced both the Raspberry and Coffee Waffles, tasting like raspberries and coffee because we use only real raspberries and real coffee. As a result, unlike so many products you see on the market today, you’ll never find the ambiguous ingredient, “natural flavor” in anything UnTapped.

UnTapped waffles are as much a no-brainer as they are a thinking person’s food. On one hand, we use only real, organic ingredients to offer a distinct and delicious flavor to the waffle. From there, we make a conscious decision to all of the ingredients used. The base of our waffles is organic wheat flour and we add organic soy flour (therefore non-GMO) to offer a wider range of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, plus more protein than one flour alone. We use sustainable palm fruit oil because it supports affordable food prices and poverty reduction, it helps safeguard social interests, communities, and workers, and protects the environment and wildlife. The result is delivering the best tasting, most nutritious waffle possible.

We’re forever grateful to the Netherlands for inventing the stroopwafel; we just think it found its perfect pair in maple.


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