UnTapped Sample Pack


The UnTapped Sample Pack is the perfect option to try an assortment of our tasty maple-based nutrition. Please mix and match to your heart's (and taste buds') content!

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5 out of 5 (based on 26 ratings)
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The best!

Untapped is the best for runs, long rides, backcountry skiing, snacking.... everything!!
Posted by Charlotte, Nov 22nd 2020

Amazing products!!

We’ve tried all the products in the sample pack and they are all amazing. Taste is great and we used a few while hiking and did get the energy boost we needed. Will definitely buy again and hope to see them in more stores. Super excited these are vegan as most types of products like these use honey but maple is way better. Love it
Posted by Shelley, Sep 4th 2020

sample pack review

I liked untapped. I felt better about eating a natural product. I liked the variety. The plain and the coffee are my favorite flavors. I will definitely be using these more often when training for races.
Posted by Kristi Vaske, Aug 9th 2020

Sample Pack

Excellent assortment. Great flavor, good energy. Love the Coffee flavor!!
Posted by Richard Kowalczyk, Aug 1st 2020

Love UNTAPPED!!! Great Assortment!!!

Great flavors and more natural than the alternatives!!! 10/10 would recommend.
Posted by Jeremy, Jun 16th 2020

Great Way to Try Untapped

The sampler is a GREAT way to see if Untapped products will work for you. Reasonably priced and just enough to take on multiple rides. All the waffles are great. The "gels" are delicious, easy to open, and easy on the stomach. The more "stick-like" form factor makes them easier to stash in a pocket. The Mapleaid is a little bit more of a mixed bag for me. The fact that each pouch is mixed with 12 oz. of water is weird. The Ginger is VERY gingery and the verdict is still out on it. The Lemon Tea was much better than I was expecting. Both were easy on the stomach.
Posted by Kit Cischke, Jun 8th 2020

Fun to try it all!

I’ve been a fan of the maple fuel for some time now, so I’ve been wanting to try untapped’s other products. I love the sampler pack! It’s been so fun trying everything, especially the waffles. I can definitely see myself buying more of those in the future. I enjoyed everything in the sampler and all of the delicious flavors. It was a special treat when I’d break from my run to consume something from untapped. I also enjoyed sipping the lemon aid when I got home. Thank you so much for a great product. Also loved the new design and packaging for the fuel!
Posted by Morgan, Jun 7th 2020


These products are delicious in their own right but even more perfect for fueling workouts. I am P-I-C-K-Y about fueling, especially with hydration and the hydration packs are great. Highly recommend.
Posted by Alex, Jun 1st 2020

Great fuel for long rides

The sample pack is a great idea. It lets you try out all of the flavors and see which ones you like before you buy them in bulk
Posted by Chris, May 11th 2020