UnTapped Sample Pack


The UnTapped Sample Pack is the perfect option to try an assortment of our tasty maple-based nutrition. Please mix and match to your heart's (and taste buds') content!

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Game changer!

I'm thrilled with my experience so far with UnTapped.. from the awesome box filled with real wood shavings as packing material to the products themselves! The waffles are the best on-bike nutritional pick-me-up I've ever tried.. the natural sugars give me the boost I need without spiking my insulin and crashing afterward like some other products do.. good work! Because these products are natural they also don't give me that bloated gut feeling like eating a bunch of gels usually does.
Posted by Bryan Glover, Mar 31st 2020

Sample pack review

I wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that I received the sample pack and have tested all three of the products out on long rides here in AZ. All three products have great flavor and gave me the energy I needed to complete the rides. My only complaint would be that the waffle packages are pretty difficult to open while on the mtn bike. Not sure if there is a way to address this but consuming calories while riding is important and depending on the terrain you almost have to stop riding to open and consume the waffles. Thank again.
Posted by Michael, Mar 30th 2020


I have not used them all but the salted raspberry and coffee Great after a 6 miler No need for water chaser and there is no weird texture
Posted by Beth Wimer, Feb 17th 2020

Absolutely love this!

I had tried the original maple syrup at a local running store, so I wanted to try more products. This sample pack is great! There is so much to try, and everything I have tried is absolutely delicious and energizing. I loved that there were extras added to the box as well as the sustainable packaging. Once I figure out my favorites (which is going to be hard because everything is so good!), I will definitely be ordering more as I train for my next marathon!
Posted by Sarah, Jan 17th 2020

Variety pack

I thought this product was great..all day energy in the saddle.
Posted by Bryan Andrews, Dec 10th 2019

Great products, no weird side effects!

I absolutely love the syrup shots and drink mixes! I’ve been using these products for a few months, and have yet to experience any palate fatigue, stomach issues, or short energy spikes.
Posted by Jason, Dec 6th 2019

Nearly all good things

I bought the sampler pack on the recommendation of a couple other guys I ride with. All the waffles were tasty, Maple UnTappeds were great. However, the Mapleaid was interesting. The lemon tea was pretty good, but the ginger one did not taste great to me. Again this was just my opinion and how it tasted to me.
Posted by Chris Bailey, Oct 29th 2019

Sample Pack

I ordered the sample pack. It arrived just two days later. Once I opened it I was very happy with the order. The UnTapped was repackaged in new easier to use packages. They didn't have sharp edges, so no worries about cutting my mouth like other gels when using and they were really easy to open. I really liked the lemon maple aid and for some reason hadn't realized that its made with Maple Sugar. I really liked all of the different products and have already bought more. The sample pack was a good way to get a taste of the different products. Thanks
Posted by Fred, Oct 22nd 2019

Everything I had hoped for

I’ve been a cyclist living on Gu and Nuun products for many years. It’s been hard to find nutrition that isn’t overly engineered and, to me, creepy. Sometimes you get some more natural ingredients or things slightly less chemical but the taste is another challenge. I came across Untapped a while ago and tucked it into the back of my mind. Recently, simplicity and REAL FOOD have become priorities to me. I revisited this brand and pulled the trigger when my other supplies ran out. I just tried this sample pack on the 100k D2R2 ride this past weekend. I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious every product was. The coffee untapped was better than I imagined - the perfect balance of maple and coffee flavors. And then both drink mixes were soooooo good. They have wildly different flavors but delicious. I started with the lemon tea for the caffeine and then switched to the ginger after 4 hrs to get the sodium and tummy ease for the remainder of the ride. I came home and ordered a box of untapped maple, a bag of lemon tea mix, a few sleeves of the ginger mix. Sad to see the coffee untapped out until Oct!
Posted by Anne, Aug 20th 2019