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No sense in denying it, you love UnTapped. (That’s okay, so do we!) You bring it on your ride, run, ski, hike, and any snack-worthy outings so you already take seriously the way in which you fuel. Having all-natural, high-quality active nutrition is the ticket to ride and knowing how to properly use it maximizes your performance. Ted King, our in-house Chief Maple Prosthelityzer, is here to break down how to properly fuel with UnTapped.

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Ted’s maple syrup consumption is prolific. That said, his professional career spanned an entire decade — which included the Tour de France, the hallowed Spring Classics, the Giro d’Italia, and World Championships — so it’s a safe bet that he’s onto something.

Starting the Day off Right

“I start nearly every day with a bowl of oatmeal” says King. “And it’s virtually guaranteed that I have at least a little bit of maple syrup in it.” Starting the day off right begins with a balanced breakfast. The advantage of oatmeal is that you have a blank slate with which to kickstart you day. Sweet, salty, savory, or maybe a combination of that trio is all available in that morning breakfast bowl. Dried or fresh fruit, a dash of salt plus seasoning like cinnamon or ginger, and between a half to one packet of UnTapped will complete the bowl.

Oatmeal provides an enormous line up nutritional benefits. Slow burning carbohydrates, bursting with fiber, plus antioxidant and cholesterol lowering properties, this is the new breakfast of champions. Not to mention that there’s lots of creative wiggle room for additional ingredients when you have a longer day on the horizon. “If I have a bigger day ahead of me, I’ll add some protein too. Either an egg or spoonful of almond butter both offer a tasty energy boost. My current go-to recipe is fresh blackberries, shredded coconut, maybe a bit of cinnamon or chia seeds or even bee pollen, and of course a packet of UnTapped!” professes Ted.

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Out the Door and into the Field

With breakfast between two-and-a-half and three hours into the rearview mirror, it’s time to kit up and head out the door. On an exercise heavy or race day, Ted recommends downing one UnTapped packet 15 minutes before you roll out to top off energy stores. Maple syrup slots in at 54 on the glycemic index, making it a low glycemic food. Lower than honey, maltodextrin, and brown rice syrup, maple syrup is the ideal energy source for the long haul, so that you don’t experience an energy spike and subsequent very unsweet sugary crash.

Depending on your level of exertion, you’re likely burning in the range of 300-800 calories per hour. Hour after hour, that’s a whole lot of energy. While you can’t replenish all of those calories while exercising, it’s vital that you remain topped up as best as possible.

Taking on board 100-300 calories per hour will keep you humming along for the long term or short. “Whenever I head out for an hour or more, I take at least one UnTapped Maple Packet. Beyond an hour, I’m alternating a packet and an UnTapped waffle every half hour” advises Ted. “It’s mandatory to keep the fire stoked.”

It’s no coincidence the UnTapped Maple Packets contain 100 calories. The UnTapped Maple Waffles are 140 calories and both the Raspberry and Coffee clock in at 150 calories, so Ted is right in that recommended 100-300 calorie range.

What’s more, you’re actually hydrating with maple syrup. Containing 67% of the highest quality carbohydrate and 33% water, you’re not gumming up your digestive system with UnTapped. Moreover, you’re not forced to chase your energy gel with a half bottle of water to stave off that painful gut rot.

A great deal of sports nutrition is chiefly glucose. Yet, there’s a maximum rate at which glucose can be absorbed into your gut. Maple syrup, however, is composed primarily of sucrose, which your body breaks into both glucose and fructose. With fructose into the equation, you’re adding a second energy highway of carbohydrate uptake in your internal engine.

Returning Back to the Sugar Shack

When you return home after an aggressive workout, the first order of business should be reaching for a recovery beverage. In recent years, however, recovery drinks have become an overthought science. At the end of the day your body is craving two simple things: carbohydrates to fill the depleted glycogen stores and protein to help repair damaged muscles. The solution? Maple Milk.

“I’ve been drinking maple milk for years!” Ted says with a grin. “I use one ounce of maple syrup (approximately one UnTapped packet) for every eight ounces of milk. Throw in a dash of salt if it’s been toasty hot out. Add a single shake of ground cinnamon for a wicked good horchata-like taste. Shake it literally for two seconds and you’ve got the tastiest recovery drink you’ve ever had.”



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