The Nordic Bundle

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Coffee coffee coffee! For the coffee lover in your life, the Nordic Bundle is the only way to go. With real coffee in both Coffee UnTapped and the Coffee Waffle, this bundle will keep you energized as much as it'll keep you warm and in-style, partnered with the resplendent headband by Skida.

"I love Coffee UnTapped and especially that it has just two ingredients. I use it nearly every day of the year, but it's especially nice in the winter. I've been  skiing at -10F and and it was as easy to consume then as it was in July.
I also ate four of the Coffee Waffles during my Ironman this summer. They went down easy and kept me going strong for 9 hours."
-- Kris Freeman, Olympic Nordic Skier
Bundle Contains: 

1 Carton Coffee UnTapped

1 Carton Coffee Waffles

1 Headband by Skida, unisex


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