The Countdown Begins: 30 Days to Rasputitsa 2017


On April 22nd, hundreds of gravel seeking cyclists will awake from their off-season slumber to tackle nearly 40 miles of prime VT gravel in East Burke, VT. UnTapped will return as an event sponsor this year, ensuring that everyone is fueled up with REAL maple nutrition.

Rasputitsa returns for another year and the countdown is on with only 30 days until hundreds will toe the line for the spring classic. (If you were waiting until now to register it is unfortunately too late for this year as all registration has closed.)

For those who registered in time,  there will be maple shots near the CX course this year. Yes, you read that right, the event will finish on a CX course loop designed by multiple-time US National CX Champion Tim Johnson and two-time olympian Lyne Bessette and there will be maple syrup shots in the vicinity! This might leave you asking, “What if I need an all-natural maple boost on course?” Do not fret, we’re sending the UnTapped PR team of Zach and Andrew, to ensure everyone stays fueled on-course and off.  They will be riding with musette bags full of packets so keep your eye out for that UnTapped plaid and make sure you say hi and grab a packet when you see them.

On top of this exciting new addition will be the foundation that makes this event great; mud, mud, and more mud. Exploring 40 miles of exciting VT roads, including the classic Cyberia stretch, the ride will quickly bring you to terms with how much riding you did(n’t) get in this winter.

We hope to see you at this Vermont classic; a truly muddy, maple-fueled adventure. See you in Cyberia!




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