Shop Support Program

Supporting Local Retailers from Online Direct to Consumer Orders

As many of you undoubtedly are, we at UnTapped are feeling the uncertainty and anxiety of this highly unusual time. Retail locations are being especially impacted as shoppers avoid going out and sales move online. In more and more locations, government mandates are forcing shops to close completely.

In order to support our retail partners, we have added an option at checkout to let customers identify their local sports nutrition retailer to whom we will send a check for 20% of the purchase, regardless of whether that retailer carries UnTapped or not. Beyond being integral parts of their communities, our retail partners are a critical part of the chain to get information and product to you - we all have an interest in maintaining our local brick and mortar retail stores.

We will keep this program open as long as our retail partners need our help.

While entering shipping details at checkout, customers will be presented with a field to tell us their shop name. We are also doing our best to make sure that shop details entered into order comments or emailed to us after the fact get attributed to orders correctly.

-The UnTapped Team

The UnTapped shop can be found HERE