Podium Bottle


The greatest bottle on the market, dressed in UnTapped livery. Wrap your next mid-ride drink in plaid. (24 oz.)

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Podium bottle

Its a water bottle! It works and it looks cool! Cool enough that my 16 yr old trys to borrow it. do wish it was the chill bottle but camelback bottles always work!
Posted by Gary , Jun 12th 2020

Podium bottle

It works! Feels good in the hand, and it's easy to spot among a sea of water bottles.
Posted by Lindsay, Dec 15th 2019


Great piece of hardware right here. Nice bright red with the light gray pops perfectly. Big fan of the Camelbak spout too.
Posted by Eduardo, Sep 22nd 2019

It's a water bottle

Hey, guess what! It's water bottle, which shouldn't come as any surprise b/c that's what it's advertised as. NOTE: no one said it was insulated. But you know what it does? It holds water! It looks good. AND.....It's a water bottle!
Posted by matt, Sep 13th 2019


Love these camelback podium bottles. Easy to grab and stay in bottle holders on bike while descending class 5.
Posted by BRAD LEE HENRY, Sep 10th 2019

Stylish hydration

It's a standard non-insulated bottle with a nice twist top. Makes Mapleaid taste a little better.
Posted by Garret, Sep 10th 2019

Water bottles

Not insulated, becomes wet on outside and gets warm fast. Look great but not effective at staying cool.
Posted by Thomas Owen, Aug 6th 2019