Maple to The Mountains


The holidays and the month of January have passed, probably leaving some a little tired of old man winter. Others, however, are taking full advantage of the season; reveling in the frigid temperatures that welcome their favorite winter activities. Active nutrition in winter necessitates extra care. Being out in the cold burns calories fast and UnTapped is the all-natural fuel that won’t freeze when you need it.

Skiers and ice climbers in particular dream of long days in the mountains shredding pow and sending their next big objective. These folks need high-quality nutrition that they can depend on in the backcountry. Long days in the cold will drain your energy stores fast and if you don’t refuel you will be left cold and bonked. UnTapped makes an excellent fast and light nutrition option for all of your winter adventures. The packets offer a delicious maple boost that won’t freeze in your pack (#MapleSyrupDoesn’tFreeze!). Say goodbye to the rock hard energy bars and frozen gels of the past and bring all natural maple instead! Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself next time you head out on a cold winter adventure.

If you are a New England resident we will be in North Conway, NH this weekend sampling at the Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest, the Northeast’s largest ice fest.


We are excited to partner with and support this classic New England event put on by International Mountain  Climbing School in North Conway, NH. Climbers heading everywhere from the big walls and ledges in the valley to the tallest point in New England at the top of Mount Washington will be fueling with UnTapped. Every morning Friday through Sunday, we will be slinging maple at International Mountain Equipment shop in Conway along with a whole host of outdoor industry colleagues demoing the latest and greatest in gear. It is sure to be an excellent time and the forecast is COLD, optimal conditions. See you there!





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