Maple And Gravel, A Perfect Pairing


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Spring, Mud Season or whatever else you choose to call it is a special time in Vermont. For UnTapped it is sugaring season, the best time of the year for maple aficionados everywhere. For Rasputitsa Co-Founders Heidi Myers and Anothony Moccia, or as they prefer, the two friends who decided to put on a bike race, it is time to put on another legendary gravel race. UnTapped proudly supports this Vermont spring classic and sat down to ask Heidi a few questions about all things Gravel, Bikes and Maple.


Gravel grinders/races/rides are popping up everywhere in New England and beyond, what do you think has lead to the increase of popularity?
I think the fact that they are all encompassing is a huge part. Typically no racing license needed, no right or wrong ride, racers and riders of all ages at one mass start. But I also think, these racers have helped to define a culture that really blends core cyclists with adventurists and this culture goes beyond the bike.


What makes the Rasputitsa unique from all of the other gravel rides coming up this spring?
We are talking the most “untapped” (pun intended) section of Vermont. Victory, Vermont has a population of 62. It was the last town in Vermont to get electricity in 1962. It’s a series of towns too small to even have a post office. It’s a three mile section, we call Cyberia that is maintained all winter. A place where riders are really at Mother Nature’s mercy. A place where mythical creatures greet you with food and music from past generations. But I also think our apres-velo party differentiates us. It’s music, bonfires, coffee, poutine, a sea of comfy chairs. And Anthony and I have never titled ourselves Race Directors. We will honestly tell anyone we haven’t a clue what we are doing, but we remain small because it’s important for us to shake hands and give hugs to a group of riders that have become our friends. That’s the atmosphere we want.


What is the Rasputitsa about in 3 words?
Cycling, Community, Charity


UnTapped is partnering with Rasputitsa to #bringmapletothemasses at this years ride, what is it about maple and gravel that goes so well together?
It’s sugaring season! It makes absolute sense our racers a fueled with energy native to our region.


What is on the horizon for Rasputitsa?
We are working on an exciting project with our friends at Little Bellas to keep us busy through the summer and continue our desire to #growcycling



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