Lemon Tea Mapleaid


Past winner of Runner's World Gear of the Year! Our Lemon Tea Mapleaid is made with unrefined, pure maple sugar that has the minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants to make it an ideal athletic fuel. The crisp citrus taste comes only from real lemons while organic black tea provides a natural caffeine boost. A touch of sea salt rounds out this simple, delicious, portable take on the classic drink.

  • 80 Calories
  • 110mg Sodium
  • 25mg Caffeine
  • Limited Ingredient
  • Low Glycemic

Ingredients: Maple Sugar (bulk 1lb)/Maple Syrup (single-serve), Lemons, Black Tea, Sea Salt

Lemon Tea Mapleaid single-serves are back! They are now a LIQUID CONCENTRATE using maple syrup instead of maple sugar. The new form factor maintains the same nutritional value as the previous powder. Cartons are now 20ct, up from 16ct. Current orders for Lemon Tea Mapleaid single serve will ship in generic cartons; formal Lemon Tea Liquid Concentrate cartons coming shortly.

Read more about the change here

Directions: Mix 1 packet with 12fl oz of water. To avoid foaming add the Mapleaid before adding water. 

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The new liquid version of the Lemon tea mapleaid tastes great and is easier to mix than the powder. Would like to see a large container size of this liquid mapleaid for the future.
Posted by Eric, Oct 16th 2021

Lemon Tea Mapleaid

Fantastic taste, super effective hydration and energy supplement. Throw in a handfull of icecubes into your Lemon Tea Mapleaid bidon on a hot summers day ride and enjoy. All natural ingredients top-off an excellent product.
Posted by Luis Torres, Aug 9th 2021


This is straight-up tasty! Simple ingredients, excellent flavor--love it and I'm picky when it comes to drinks.
Posted by Brij Lunine, Aug 5th 2021

Delicious….my new drink

Finally I tried your products and I love love love the Lemon MapleAid! Got me through a warm day and tough ride wanting more! Thanks for making a great product !!!
Posted by Monica Moreno, Jun 9th 2021

Served HOT...best winter hydration!

This winter drinking piping hot Lemon Tea Maple Aid after cold winter adventures has been my best hydration strategy ever. Whether it's after an alpine tour where you get sweaty on the way up but chilly on the way down, windy mountain summit hikes or just the plain old COLD winter road run - drinking this hot enables me to warm up and get a lot of liquid and electrolytes, plus a few calories after a hard cold endeavor.
Posted by Kirsten, Feb 12th 2021


Sorry. I've loved all the other untapped stuff I've tried, but this stuff was nasty. I drink A LOT of tea, both iced and hot, but this didn't do it for me. I even tried mixing it with real iced tea, but still no go. Oh well
Posted by rob mcdaniel, Dec 9th 2020

My favorite thing to put in bottles

This is my go-to hydration product because the taste is not too sweet, it never gets old. It's easy on the stomach, and it works well. This has gotten me through many long rides in hot weather with no problem. 90s (F).
Posted by Blake Miller, Nov 25th 2020

Well balanced taste

Not an iced tea fan normally but I really like this flavor and am so thankful it comes with caffeine. It’s my go to now. Not too sweet, just right on hot days.
Posted by Chris, Aug 11th 2020

Great cycling supplement

All natural, provides the key fuels necessary to sustain long rides, and tastes great to boot! Couldn't recommend trying this more
Posted by Conor C, Aug 3rd 2020