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Kikkan Randall

Kikkan Randall

A trailblazer and leader for U.S. Cross Country Skiing, active mom and cancer survivor.  Kikkan’s career spanned 5 Olympic Games, culminating in America’s first Olympic gold medal in her sport.

Nordic Skiing


Kikkan Randall eats a maple waffle.

Olympic Gold Medalist

3x Overall World Cup Sprint Champion

17x U.S. National Champion

Even more details coming soon!

Q&A With Kikkan

The best things in my life have come after I’ve pushed myself really hard, and that realization motivates me to continue pushing myself to pursue things that challenge my physical and mental capabilities.  Setting goals that I’m not totally sure I can achieve gives me a target to aim for and I love the process of working to get better toward that goal with every step.

Coffee coffee coffee!  I love the Coffee UnTapped especially on a long effort, just gives me the perfect boost of energy and I love the soothing aroma.  Mid workday the Coffee Waffle has definitely saved a sleepy afternoon or two!  On a cold ski day I find warm Lemon Tea Mapleaid really hits the spot!

I love love love the feeling of gliding on snow!! What intrigues me about cross country skiing is the mix of the gliding sensation together with the pure effort of conquering varying terrain all under my own power.  I test my grit on the uphills, experience pure exhilaration on the downhills and then get to enjoy the easy cruise on the flats.  It’s brought me to some of the most incredible places in the world alongside some of the most amazing and genuine people I’ve ever met.

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