Fueled By UnTapped: Andrew Drummond Attempts The White Mountain Direttissima



Yesterday UnTapped athlete Andrew Drummond set off on a massive 7 day trek through the White Mountains of New Hampshire known as the White Mountain Direttissima. Before leaving, Andrew took the time to give us a write up on how he plans to fuel this massive outing. Hint: Gallons of UnTapped.

Drinking 5.25 Gallons of Untapped

That’s the caloric equivalent of how much fuel I’ll be burning over the next week in the White Mountains. Of course Untapped isn’t my ONLY source of nutrition but it’s a vital component in my 8,000 calorie/day meal plan.

Sunday (July 24th) I’m setting off to hike all of New Hampshire’s 48 4,000′ mountains over the course of seven days. It’s an unsupported effort which means I’m responsible for carrying my own food, sourcing my water, and walking from trailhead to trailhead. The adventure coverers over 240 miles, over 80,000′ of elevation gain, through some of New England’s most rugged terrain.

Be sure to follow me on my journey on Facebook (insert Facebook.com/AndrewDrummondNH) and Snapchat (username: Sr_Drummond).

Pro-Tip: Aside from mainlining Untapped, I’ll be adding it to my morning and afternoon coffee with a touch of powdered milk to keep spirits high and the body moving forward.



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