Runcation? What's a Runcation?

Sarah Robinson is an UnTapped athlete and mom of two. She lives and trains in Tacoma, Washington. Her specialities are the marathon and functioning on minimal sleep. Sarah mentioned to us recently that she was heading out on a European Runcation which seemed like a good reason for us to get the What
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Josh Ferenc is Running Wild

Josh Ferenc is a science teacher, coach and competitive runner from the tiny town of Athens in southern Vermont. His versatility across a variety of distances and terrain is impressive. Through the years Josh learned the importance finding a fuel that worked for his body no matter what terrain and c
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Atypical Marathon Preparation with Aliza Lapierre

Aliza Lapierre is an ultrarunner from right here in Vermont. She recently ran the Vermont City Marathon -- where she took the title of fastest female Vermonter -- all the more impressive since she had a five-hour training run the day prior! Aliza has big fish to fry later this season, so we checke
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