Shaking it Up!

Sarah Mac Robinson is a runner, mother of two and freelance storyteller and writer. She is a 2016 Olympic trials qualifier in the marathon with a time of 2:42:36. Over the years she has acquired wisdom from all realms of her life and most recently has been focusing on participating in activities ot
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Maple Fanatic Noah Brautigam

Noah Brautigam grew upon a family-run cross-country ski center in the Green Mountains of Vermont spending many hours of his childhood exploring the outdoors. Throughout middle and high school he participated in various sports before focusing on nordic skiing. He ran his first road marathon at age 1
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Santa Bests a Marathon World Record

John Stanton-Geddes, a Vermonter and senior manager in Data Science, recently beat the world record for running a marathon in a Santa suit. Besting the previous time by over four minutes, John ran a lightning fast 2:45:09. Better yet, he did it for a terrific cause.John... Santa, congratulations on
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