Fueling With UnTapped

There are a number of variables that can steer optimal performance from the perspective of nutritional and UnTapped has you covered. Our ingredient list relies on simplicity to deliver the very best final product -- the best tasting, the best digesting, and the best performing. Similarly, we offer t
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Triple Ginger Gingerbread

With the dead of winter now settled in, it's helpful to look for ways to put some pep in your step. (Maple) sugar, and spice, and everything nice is just the trick in this rich and velvety gingerbread recipe. With real ginger incorporated three separate times, you're getting triple the nutritional b
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Using Maple Syrup in Coffee

When creating our first caffeinated energy product, we looked for the simplest solution. We added real coffee to maple syrup producing Coffee UnTapped. A two ingredient, real-food solution; that's it. The coffee adds 27mg of real caffeine and the maple syrup delivers 100 calories of carbohydrat
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