New UnTapped Packaging

In 2013, we founded as a company with the idea of putting maple syrup in individual on-the-go pouches and to then spread #mapletothemasses. After a successful crowd funding campaign, in the fall of the following year UnTapped had our first packets in-hand. The idea had become reality -- 100 calories of nutritious, delicious maple syrup in an easy to use form.


Original Maple UnTapped, 2014

UnTapped has broadened its variety of products since then. We next focused on introducing the Maple Waffle to satisfy hunger, then came Coffee UnTapped as our two-ingredient energy packet with the added boost of caffeine. Since then three more waffles have come to market as well as the launch of two Mapleaid drink mixes to keep you hydrated and your electrolytes in-balance.

Maple UnTapped, 2.0

Meanwhile, the founding principle of delivering the best tasting, best performing, best sports nutrition possible has always been at the forefront of what we do. Naturally, that's largely the focus of what is in the package, but it also is an integral part of the packaging itself.

We've never stopped toying with the most convenient delivery possible and have conducting extensive testing, surveys, and more prototypes than we care to count. We asked and you answered. You're interested in:

  • Softer material
  • Eliminating sharp edges
  • A simpler tear-strip
  • Easier delivery of that maple goodness to you

Our new packaging delivers all these things and more. Furthermore, we're now proud to be packaging in-house which means a much tighter environmental footprint and a speedier production time to bring product to you. We're thrilled to debut the newest evolution of UnTapped!

Maple UnTapped, 3.0

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