2 Bags of Mapleaid + FREE bottle


Choose any two one-pound bags of UnTapped Mapleaid and receive a FREE UnTapped waterbottle made by Camelbak.


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Maple Aid

I like the maple aid very much. Both flavors taste good, the ginger has a surprisingly spicy kick to it. I mix a bottle of each flavor for my ride and consume it all. It leaves me feeling adequately hydrated and it doesn’t have the unusual aftertaste that some other products have. I would’ve given it 5 stars but I don’t love the packaging. While I appreciate the minimal nature of the package, the problem is when I scoop it out, powder escapes and it makes me cough a bit. I easily solved the issue by using a Tupperware type of container to hold the product. That said, I would recommend the product. As a side note, I can’t recommend their waffles enough, they clearly taste better than the other options I’ve tried.
Posted by Eddie Friedman, Apr 16th 2019

Love the spice!

Over many, many years I have used a huge variety of sports drink mixes. Some have worked well, while others have been truly terrible either in taste, performance, or worse, both. Untapped Ginger Mapleaid has been a welcome change from the generally way to sweet options on the market. The sweetness is there, but the spice of the ginger cuts it nicely and is a great flavor and super easy to drink all day to keep you going.
Posted by Todd M, Apr 16th 2019