10 Reasons You Should Buy the UnTapped Kit!


1. Wearing your favorite lumberjack flannel on a ride can get pretty warm and is not #Aero.
Now you can channel your inner lumberjack by wearing Velocio’s hand-made Ultralight Jersey and Signature bibs with classic plaid styling.

2. You don’t already have a favorite piece of lumberjack style clothing.
This one is pretty self-explanatory.

3. You love UnTapped and want your whole group ride to know!
Let’s face it, you have been using UnTapped for awhile now, things are getting pretty serious and it’s time to tell all of your cycling friends.

4. You don’t want to settle for so-so kit.
There is a lot of kit on the market these days but few brands produce clothing as well thought out and high quality as Velocio. All of Velocio’s product is hand-made in Italy and we all know Italians know a thing or two about cycling.

5. You want to be like Ted.
UnTapped Co-Founder and Chief Maple Proselytizer Ted King is an expert on cycling, maple and flannel. He even had a short stint as a pro-lumberjack last year. Ted recently wore the Velocio Ultralight jersey and Signature Bibs to victory at the Dirty Kanza 200, if it works for him it couldn’t hurt to give it a try.
Ted Lumberjack Photo Credit: thefeed.com

6. Color coordinating your nutrition with your kit (probably) provides extra #MapleWatts!
Lab results are not in but we’re pretty sure this is true.

7. Maple style for miles.
Nothing is more fashion-forward than aero, skin-tight, plaid kit.

8. This kit says you take your maple energy seriously, you don’t mess with #FakeMaple
You take your syrup seriously but like to keep your kit casual enough for any ride.

9. Plaid is the new black.
Whoever said plaid doesn’t go with everything is missing out on one of the greatest prints life has to offer.

10. This kit may only be around for a limited time.
We have a limited quantity and might never make this kit again, this could be your only chance so get it while it’s hot!


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